Van Gogh Art Project

The second installment of our ‘plan’ was set into action today. After leaving the girls to play for a while and Merry and I chatted and discussed how we were going to present this project to them, we got started. We had decided to use oil pastels and gel pens to recreate Van Gogh’s work so we gave them each a square of coloured paper to test out various techniques and colour blending, remembering what they had learned previously using the colour wheel. This worked well and they all got some good results.

Van Gogh Art Project 010 Van Gogh Art Project 011

Van Gogh Art Project 012 Van Gogh Art Project 009

Van Gogh Art Project 021 Van Gogh Art Project 022

Which we pieced together in a Kandinsky-esque style 🙂

Van Gogh Art Project 024

We read about Van Gogh and his work, focusing mainly on his ‘Starry Night’ painting.

Van Gogh Starry Night

The next step was to pick out the three main areas; the swirly sky, the tree and a star and recreate these in both oil pastels and gel pens onto small squares of coloured paper.

Van Gogh Art Project 033 Van Gogh Art Project 029

Van Gogh Art Project 049 Van Gogh Art Project 050

Van Gogh Art Project 041

Once they had tried and tested both, they then went on to creating the bigger picture. Some girls were happy with their work and others weren’t 😦 They all put in a lot of hard work and produced some fantastic pictures.

Van Gogh Art Project 048 Van Gogh Art Project 047

This was Poppy’s….

Van Gogh Art Project 051

and Skye’s…
Van Gogh Art Project - Skye's

All in all the day was another success, they all achieved what they were asked to achieve, despite not everyone being happy with their own efforts 😦


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