Van Gogh Lapbook and other things

Following another successful art study day on Monday, the girls expanded on it by creating a mini Van Gogh Lapbook.

We discussed what we already knew about Van Gogh and from this created an acrostic poem;

Van Gogh
Incredibly talented
No-one bought his art
Chopped his ear off
Not famous in his time
Theo, Vincent’s brother

Nobody liked his art
Good paintings
Only sold one painting when he was alive
Gauguin, Vincent’s friend

We looked at some of his other pieces of artwork in particular; Sunflowers and his Bedroom in Arles.

Van Gogh Bedroom

Skye used the latter to create her own piece using pastels…

Van Gogh Art Project 063

and made her own observations about his painting;

I like this painting because Van Gogh has used a variety of colours.  Although it’s simple, there are a lot of textures used.  I like it how it doesn’t look real but it’s still really good.  There is a lot of detail in it, like the things on the table.  The pictures on the wall could be portraits of himself and his friend or brother.

Poppy made her own observation of ‘Starry Night’;

I like the colours.

It looks pretend.

It is really clever.

I think it is a great piece of art.

I had a go at recreating Starry Night using a mix of pastels and gel pens…

Van Gogh Art Project 060

The girls have also been exploring National Geographic Kids website which they seem to really enjoy.

More French using Byki…

Using Byki

Made jam tarts…

Jam Tarts :)

Merry mentioned a clever way to recycle old t-shirts by turning them into bags, so Skye dug out her favourite camper van tee that she has been reluctant to part with, although its too small, and set about cutting off arms, shaping the bottom, stitching and sewing to produce this…

Ta da… 🙂

Recycling :)

At the beginning of last year when Skye was still attending school, she, along with other classmates, entered an independent Poetry Competition and had it published in a Poetry Book. Anyway, we received a letter from the same company for a Short Story Writing competition – first prize – a laptop. Well that seemed to swing it and they both got busy writing.

This is Skye’s entry…

A Day In The Life Of…

Mr Gordon Ivor Ant, that’s me! You can call me G.I.Ant. I’m a working ant in the city, I work for the Queen. I just LOVE summer; it’s when all the yummy, sugary food is around; can’t get enough of it really!

It was all going well ‘til last week when me mate got crushed by a falling ice-cream! Tragic! I felt sick trying to eat ‘im out – we did it though. He had the most painful headache after, infact we all did; brain freeze is ‘orrible.

The big people leave some strange things layin’ around. Like yesterday, I was takin’ me normal route to the dustbins, talkin’ to me mate on the way, when BANG!!! We bashed into this giant yellow curvy thing. I had never come across anythin’ like it in me life. Sniff sniff! Didn’t smell of anythin’. I took a bite… Blahhhh! Yuck! It was ‘orrible! The ants be’ind us were makin’ a right ol’ racket; Get a move on! ‘Urry up!

Definitely the yuckiest thing in the world, I don’t think the Queen would appreciate it. We left it and carried on.

Oh, must go, tea’s ready!

And this is Poppy’s….

Teddy the Tiny Toy Terrier’s Big Adventure

One day Teddy the Toy Terrier and his owner went on holiday to Hawaii. When they got there Teddy’s owner fell down the stairs and broke her leg so Teddy was left alone whilst she went to hospital and he sat there waiting and waiting and waiting until he decided to take a walk around. He snuck out of the villa and walked to the beach where Teddy made some new friends. When they where playing, Merlyn one of Teddy’s new friends, spotted a huge boat and thought it would be a good idea to have a look around. It wasn’t just any boat; it was a ferry, back to England!

When Teddy’s owner came out of hospital, she was very worried and put up lots of posters to try and find him. A few days later it was time for her to fly home and she cried all the way. When she arrived home, she had the biggest surprise she could wish for – Teddy was there, sitting on the front door mat wagging his tail, pleased to see his owner again.

I think they are rather fab – am particularly impressed that Poppy has had a go too 🙂

They have also managed to create their stories into Wordles 🙂

Wordle Skyes story

Wordle Poppys story


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