Our first official Latinetc invite!! Very excited and happy to be part of a lovely group. We were greeted by a blue toothed J and L – later found out this was due to eating the blue icing used on Chloe’s cake!

August 2010 019

The girls were late to bed last night preparing gifts for Chloe as it will be the last time they see her before her French exchange 😦 Skye thought out her gift, choosing ‘Chloe colours’ and she couldn’t have been more spot on as she was wearing the exact same colours on her t-shirt!

August 2010 016

Poppy took a rather ambitious approach and created a ‘Chloe doll’

August 2010 013 August 2010 014

After a bit of playing and running around the field making dens, some, Skye and Poppy included, went off with Gina for music theory and practice, although Skye has decided that she only wants to stick with drums she went through to watch. Poppy loved playing the recorder again and is very keen to move onto flute. Gina was pleased with her efforts, albeit a little rusty, but she tried hard and did well considering its been over a year since she played, so well done Pops 🙂

Latin – working from the beginning of Minimus bk 1 (thank you to Chloe for loaning the girls her book whilst she is in France 🙂 ) and French – Katy devised a game identifying contents of a pencil case. The girls thoroughly enjoyed both 🙂

I took along a craft activitity, making brooches/soft toys from felt using some pre-cut shapes (thank you Michelle for your assitance). Pick a shape, any shape, and stitch, sew, stuff, glue, add beads/buttons and finish up with….

August 2010 033

….some had slightly more adult help/input than other but I think it went rather well.

Had lunch out in the sunshine, ate cake, children played and, after saying our goodbyes and giving hugs to Chloe, we arrived home and Poppy went straight into recorder practice!


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