Picasso Art Day

Stage three of ‘the plan’ – Picasso.

Arrived at Merry’s shortly before lunch so whilst the girls played we discussed the plan and prepared food.

I began by reading to the girls about Picasso, showing some of his work. We then, as a group, worked on an acrostic poem, firstly coming up with some words relating to Picasso, then thinking about how we could construct sentences to describe him, which worked well with all the girls contributing to produce this;

Pablo was a painter
Interesting Art
Cubism was his style
A joker
Spain was where he was born in 1881
Shapes and colours were bold
Oils pastels, oil paints, pastels; he used frequently

They all did the same with their own names;

Stormy is my cat
Knows a lot about animals
Young and happy
Enjoys drumming

Poppy is funny
Over dramatic
Plays lots of games
Young and cool

Many friends
I love cats and dogs

The next step was focusing on portraits. We discussed and looked at how Picasso’s portraits were rather abstract and did not look like perfect examples of a portrait. We closed our eyes and attempted to draw a self-portrait which we then outlined, emphasising key features and added some colour producing some different results.

Finally we all tried out using collage to create a picture in the style of Picasso.

August 2010 056 August 2010 055

This was great fun and we all did rather fabulously and with the help of Picnik were able to jazz them up a bit 🙂


August 2010 059

Skye's Candles on a Windowsill collage


August 2010 071

and mine….

Zoe's collage

Zoe's collage

Merry and her girls produced some great collage’s too – click here to have a look at their blog which shows more artwork.

I think its fair to say that everyone enjoyed this art session and everyone came away happy with their efforts, me included 🙂


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