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Signed both girls up to mathletics this week and accidentally set Poppy’s to Y7 – bearing in mind she would have only been going into Y5 in September. She seemed to be doing OK so I mentioned that I had made a mistake but she doesn’t want it changing at the moment and said she is winning lots of her challenges but did wonder why it was giving her challengers from colleges! I think she will struggle with some aspects of it at Y7 as she will not have covered some of the topics but we’ll see how she gets on. Skye is happy to stay on Y6 – maths is not her strong point – mainly due to lack of confidence so it is my intention to keep her on Y6 for a bit then bump her up to Y7 once her confidence has grown.

They made their first victoria sponge cake this week with absolutely no interference, I mean help, from me πŸ™‚ Although when I did try to get involved passing stuff from the pantry I managed to spill a whole packet of sesame seeds and spent most of the time it took them to make the cake, clearing, hoovering and reshelving! The cake looked fab! It is a birthday gift for my Mum’s neighbour (Merlyn’s owner).

Birthday Cake :)

We went to a local home ed group meeting – far too young for the girls, the average age was around 5 and they spent 2 hrs decorating cut out masks with sequins – they did actually enjoy it and were rather creative.

August 2010 007

I chatted an ex-secondary school Art teacher who was able to pass on some very interesting ideas for our art projects and is happy for me to email her with questions of further help so not a completely wasted afternoon.

We’re still looking after Star the dog, so lots and lots of long long walks and bike rides which have been great. Am very encouraged that a dog would fit in with our family – this was a bit of a test to see if a) we and the cats could cope with having a dog around and b) to see if the girls could be responsible and they have certainly proved themselves – not moaned about walking anywhere with her or clearing up after her, feeding her. She has been utterly loved and spoiled and I doubt she will want to go home!

On one of their many quick walks round the brook, they found these little teeny-weeny frogs and a newt – very cute.

August 2010 011

The girls received a letter through the post from Young Writers stating that the short stories they submitted would be published in a book and copies of which would be held in the British Library as well as many other libraries around the country – oh and of course we can buy a copy for Β£14.99! That’s great except they have cleverly put the girls stories into two separate books! πŸ™‚

They each received a certificate of merit for their efforts and are proud of their achievement πŸ™‚

The girls ordered themselves a netbook each which have arrived this week. They are fabulous! We were worried they might be too small but they are perfect. Has encouraged more Mathletics and improved their typing speed – so hopefully more blogging from them πŸ˜‰


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