Latinetc minus the Latin!

Met up at The Beans today for Latinetc in absence of the Deependers. So, after rummaging around in recycling bins, managed to gather together some magazines so the children could put together some colour collages, mainly with the big ones, the little ones busied themselves with Sylvanians and science.

September October 2010 129 September October 2010 136

September October 2010 137 September October 2010 138

September October 2010 139

Gina took the musical members of the group off for practice and Poppy got to have a go with the flute, which she found okay but a little tricky so we’ll see how that progresses before we invest! Later after more playing, bunny cuddling and running around, the biggies did this messy science which they did attempt to clear away after themselves – I think P and E in particular were very guilty of seeing just how much gloop they could drip onto the kitchen floor!

September October 2010 141 September October 2010 148

September October 2010 151 September October 2010 158

We finished off with fimo in the Beans gorgeous conservatory; most chosing to make autumnal style craft 🙂

September October 2010 164 September October 2010 181

September October 2010 182 September October 2010 183

September October 2010 189


On the set of BBCs Merlin!

Whilst holidaying France we visited Pierrefonds Chateau where the BBC’s Merlin is filmed. On our approach to the main entrance which circles round the castle, we spotted a couple of men working on the set and they informed us that the series was currently being filmed. Needless to say we all became very excited 😀

France Paris September 2010 047

France Paris September 2010 159

France Paris September 2010 160

France Paris September 2010 135

We bought out tickets and made our way into the castle entrance, we were overwhelmed by the hive of activity. We saw what I can imagine would be the arena with the stadium overlooking it – i guess a lot of cgi is used as it’s about 100 times as big on the tv!!

France Paris September 2010 128

France Paris September 2010 053

France Paris September 2010 052

We crossed the drawbridge and spotted the well in the courtyard and there on the balcony above were Morgana (Katie McGrath) and Morgause (Emilia Fox)! Wow! The girls were terribly excited 😀 We sat on the steps and watched them film a scene – the first take looked fine to us but they did about 5!

France Paris September 2010 057

France Paris September 2010 056

France Paris September 2010 063

Once they had disappeared inside we took a look inside the castle. It is absolutely stunning – inside and out. We walked through the great hall and down many of the corridors we have seen on the television.

France Paris September 2010 086 France Paris September 2010 088

France Paris September 2010 099 France Paris September 2010 070

We were lucky enough to walk into a room to find Morgana and Morgause relaxing and chatting and were more than happy to have a little chat with the girls, have their photo taken and give an autograph!

France Paris September 2010 078

The girls were beaming for the rest of the day 😀 We continued our tour of the castle and sat outside again to watch another scene being filmed. The girls stood behind the screens and watched the take on the smaller screen being played over and over, sped up, slowed down, directors and producers pointing here and there. Fabulous!

France Paris September 2010 155

France Paris September 2010 147

France Paris September 2010 148

France Paris September 2010 077

France Paris September 2010 133

France Paris September 2010 143

France Paris September 2010 142

France Paris September 2010 125

France Paris September 2010 130

So, a rather unexpected outcome for our visit – we really didn’t expect to see all that!!


The first of our Historyetc group meetings with The Beans, Merry and Co, The Deependers, The Biffs and Liveotherwise. We took a look at the earliest people and Ancient Egyptian periods from the Stories of the World book. There were a variety of craft activities set up throughout the day; making a game bag out of faux fur, cave painting, making scented oils using a selection of 2 or 3 spices (although most got carried away and used more :D) from a choice of fenugreek, bay leaves, black pepper, cardamom, cumin, cinnamon and coriander, ground them up in a pestle and mortar and then added to oil in a jar. They made Egyptian pastries using a flour, butter, milk, spice and honey mix. Wrote their names and in cuneiform and hieroglyphics, made tooth and bead necklaces out of fimo and there was also an ancient maths game for them to try, although I don’t think many of them did with all the fabulous craft activities going on!

September October 2010 077

September October 2010 051 September October 2010 057

Skye stuck to the instructions but Poppy, displaying her non-conformist approach and thinking outside the box, added her own styling to her game bag 🙂

September October 2010 080 September October 2010 084

September October 2010 049 September October 2010 048

September October 2010 027

September October 2010 032 September October 2010 043

September October 2010 045 September October 2010 058 September October 2010 050

September October 2010 076

September October 2010 023 September October 2010 025

September October 2010 035 September October 2010 028

It is our intention to meet up once every 3 or 4 weeks after all taking time to read a number of chapters of the book and spend the day doing the activities that accompany them. Next time we will be working on some more Egyptians, Babylonians, Assyrians and some Judaism Note to self; purchase SOTW Book

As we were in France for Skye’s birthday, we took along a cake for her so she could feel like she had properly celebrated her birthday with friends 🙂

September October 2010 062

…and of course there was lots of bunny cuddling and playing…

September October 2010 064

I’m soooo behind….

…therefore briefly blogging the backlog!

During the past 3 weeks I have been working a 4 day week leading up to our holiday in France (will blog separately) but the girls have been great and worked really hard. After discussing the ‘Using Maths…’ series with Michelle at latinetc, we decided to track some down on ebay and managed to get five of them. They have been a huge hit with both Skye and Poppy. Skye is currently working her way through the Emergency Room one and Poppy is using the Survival Skills book. With these and Mathletics Skye in particular is now enjoying maths and its helping them both to gain confidence. Long may it continue! 🙂

Skye is currently reading My Story: The Great Plague: The Diary of Alice Paynton, London 1665 – 1666 which she loves and Poppy is reading one of the Olga de Polga books, not sure which one, but she seems to be enjoying it!

We’ve watched more of the Ben Fogle – Escape in Time series. Poppy has spent many days in ‘Victorian costume’ and is still desperate to have a Victorian Day and trying to plan one for her birthday in January although i’m trying to convince her to have a late birthday party during the Spring to allow more time to plan and if she leaves it until later in the year, not only will it be warmer but Chloe will be back!

Working though and recapping Minumus Latin Chapters 1 and 2 and also practising conversational French :o)

Lots of dog walking, bike riding and nature walks.

To be honest I really can’t recall everything they have been up to but after these last few chaotic weeks we are hoping to get back to some kind of routine/structure now we are back from our holiday :0)

Happy Birthday Skye!

Happy 12th Birthday Skye!

France Paris September 2010 314

Skye was lucky enough to spend her 12th birthday holidaying in France 🙂 Had a relaxing morning with pancakes for breakfast! Although she mostly received money for her birthday to replenish her bank account after buying herself a netbook, she also had some nice surprise presents. A build a bear that sang Happy Birthday, together with clothes for it. Some pjs, a wireless mouse, gift vouchers, books and jewellry! After breakfast we headed down to the pool and spent hours splashing and sliding. Back for a late lunch, walk and games of petanque and badminton then got ready to go out for dinner at a local restaurant.

We had a lovely evening. The restaurant had some great reviews and it certainly lived up to them! It was a bit like walking into a 1970s set – bold wallpaper, a dresser along the wall, some retro pictures and the owner sported a rather impressive 70s tash 🙂 His wife was hobbling around on a stick and was cooking for everyone single handed in the tiniest kitchen but the food was superb! He acknowledged it was Skye’s birthday and at the end of the meal, served her the biggest ice cream complete with sparklers, dimmed the lights and got the whole restaurant singing ‘Happy Birthday’. Fantastic! 🙂

France Paris September 2010 322

Happy Birthday Skye, we love you xx