Happy Birthday Skye!

Happy 12th Birthday Skye!

France Paris September 2010 314

Skye was lucky enough to spend her 12th birthday holidaying in France 🙂 Had a relaxing morning with pancakes for breakfast! Although she mostly received money for her birthday to replenish her bank account after buying herself a netbook, she also had some nice surprise presents. A build a bear that sang Happy Birthday, together with clothes for it. Some pjs, a wireless mouse, gift vouchers, books and jewellry! After breakfast we headed down to the pool and spent hours splashing and sliding. Back for a late lunch, walk and games of petanque and badminton then got ready to go out for dinner at a local restaurant.

We had a lovely evening. The restaurant had some great reviews and it certainly lived up to them! It was a bit like walking into a 1970s set – bold wallpaper, a dresser along the wall, some retro pictures and the owner sported a rather impressive 70s tash 🙂 His wife was hobbling around on a stick and was cooking for everyone single handed in the tiniest kitchen but the food was superb! He acknowledged it was Skye’s birthday and at the end of the meal, served her the biggest ice cream complete with sparklers, dimmed the lights and got the whole restaurant singing ‘Happy Birthday’. Fantastic! 🙂

France Paris September 2010 322

Happy Birthday Skye, we love you xx


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