I’m soooo behind….

…therefore briefly blogging the backlog!

During the past 3 weeks I have been working a 4 day week leading up to our holiday in France (will blog separately) but the girls have been great and worked really hard. After discussing the ‘Using Maths…’ series with Michelle at latinetc, we decided to track some down on ebay and managed to get five of them. They have been a huge hit with both Skye and Poppy. Skye is currently working her way through the Emergency Room one and Poppy is using the Survival Skills book. With these and Mathletics Skye in particular is now enjoying maths and its helping them both to gain confidence. Long may it continue! 🙂

Skye is currently reading My Story: The Great Plague: The Diary of Alice Paynton, London 1665 – 1666 which she loves and Poppy is reading one of the Olga de Polga books, not sure which one, but she seems to be enjoying it!

We’ve watched more of the Ben Fogle – Escape in Time series. Poppy has spent many days in ‘Victorian costume’ and is still desperate to have a Victorian Day and trying to plan one for her birthday in January although i’m trying to convince her to have a late birthday party during the Spring to allow more time to plan and if she leaves it until later in the year, not only will it be warmer but Chloe will be back!

Working though and recapping Minumus Latin Chapters 1 and 2 and also practising conversational French :o)

Lots of dog walking, bike riding and nature walks.

To be honest I really can’t recall everything they have been up to but after these last few chaotic weeks we are hoping to get back to some kind of routine/structure now we are back from our holiday :0)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. HelenHaricot
    Sep 28, 2010 @ 22:40:05

    welcome home and back to blogging! SB loves victorian! did you sign up to the burghley house thing?


  2. Michelle
    Oct 02, 2010 @ 08:15:04

    Just remember that although we love them, we had found a mistake in the Space one so if either of them start getting a little frustrated that they keep getting the wrong answer, it may be that the answer given is wrong.

    Nice little mini blog this one. I like the Our Story series, I’ve read more than C as she started off liking and then seemed to go off a little, maybe when she’s S’s age she’ll pick them up again. I remember the plague one and it conjured up some rather unpleasant images!


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