Science with a bang, well more of a pop!

Latinetc, one family down today so it all seemed rather quiet. H had bought along a rather fabulous science experiment (most of the following text is taken from HH – hope you don’t mind :))

Reaction of acids with metals. Once H had scared the children with her ‘safety first’ talk, she began…They added HCl (hydrochloric acid – the real stuff) to a variety of metals and discussed their relative reactivity, what the chemical equation was, what gas might be produced and how we can test for it.

The aluminium gave the best reaction, there was smoke and everything, with plenty of H2 tested with a lit match, and we definitely heard a pop sound. The iron was a reasonable reaction, but nowhere close to the POP with the aluminium. The copper didn’t do anything [as it shouldn’t]. H discussed and explained the reactions being exothermic and recorded the results.

Latinetc 028 Latinetc 020

Latinetc 031 Latinetc 041

Yet another fabulous experiment – thanks HH 🙂

There was also latin, french and music. The littlies spent some time doing sand art and the biggies used pastels on black card to create some halloween style pictures. Idea courtesey of Art Projects for Kids.

Latinetc 046

Lots of tea drinking and chatting but the adults and lots of playing time left for the children.


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  1. HelenHaricot
    Oct 19, 2010 @ 17:23:21

    🙂 i love latinetc


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