Education…on a Sunday!!

I can’t believe we went food shopping on a Saturday – haven’t done that for ages! I say we, Wayne and the girls went to the cafe for breakfast and I shopped!! Once that trauma was over with we popped to the library to return some books and Skye wants to do a project on cats, particularly Maine Coons as when we took our cats to the vet, she asked if they were Maine Coons or perhaps had some in them and since reading up about them I can see why she may have thought that, they do share many of the characteristics. We are unsure of their background, all we know is that they were farm cats, rescued from a gun brandishing farmer and packaged off to the Cats Protection, we fell in love with them and bought them home. Anyway, Skye, with the help of Poppy decided to do their own study.

Skye made a tick list of MC characteristics then studied both our cats and matched theirs to those on the tick list – every box ticked. Rather amusing to watch, our cats really will let you do anything to them!

Latinetc 053 Latinetc 060

Lots of reading and researching later they took a break to try out their Halloween costumes. Skye decided that her devil costume required a tail so set about making herself one. In the meantime, I had a bit of a panic about how much we want to fit in leading up to Christmas made a start on making our Christmas cards in the hope that it would inspire the girls to sit and help me. Poppy was very keen and so, we have officially started our Christmas craft! 🙂

Latinetc 079 Latinetc 086

Skye finished her tail….

Latinetc 088

I face painted them both to practice their Halloween faces!

Latinetc 071 Latinetc 073

Latinetc 067 Latinetc 069

In keeping with a Halloween theme, the girls used pastels on black card to produce some great artwork;

Latinetc 048 Latinetc 049

Latinetc 050 Latinetc 051

Latinetc 052

Tidied up, girls bathed in time to watch Merlin 🙂

Sunday morning the girls got themselves up and about rather early so I suggested they watch a dvd whilst Wayne and I had another hour in bed! Once they had finished watching dvd of choice, Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, we got ourselves ready to go in search of treasure. As we were heading to the other side of Cambridge for Folk Dancing, we decided to do a spot of geocaching. Not terribly successful due to a failing sat nav and ggrrrrr I forgot my camera!! 😦 Managed to find one based on what I remembered from the hints and tips. We did have a lovely walk though using the footpaths that run outside the grounds and through the woods of Anglesey Abbey.

And so onto folk dancing. The girls were a little apprehensive – they imagined folk dancing to be for old people! We arrived and spotted a couple of familiar faces which was rather nice. The girls had a fabulous afternoon and made lots of new friends. The music was beautiful – I love folk music. Even I got up and danced to make up the numbers and found it very enjoyable. During the break the children were shown lots of brass wind instruments and had the chance to have a go at making a tune – Poppy managed to get some notes but Skye chose not to have a go. After a bit more dancing and giggling, most of the group headed off to the local park where the children ran around like loons and the adults chatted amongst themselves.

By the time we got home, we were all rather exhausted but all had a lovely day.


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  1. HelenHaricot
    Oct 19, 2010 @ 17:26:01

    i love the christmas cards 🙂


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