Historyetc – Egyptians, Sumerians and Joseph

We arrived in convoy from the cinema to the Beans to find a shivering G and co waiting for us! Realised on way that I forgot my camera so a rare photo free blog entry!!! 😦

Whilst dinner was being prepared, we drew a life-size Joseph coat with peep-hole head and everyone got busy gluing material squares. He did look fab and starting with everyone together in a group worked very well so perhaps we will need to think of another group activity to start off with for next time 🙂

With lunch still not quite ready, the children were free to get busy on another activity and with a choice of sugar cube pyramid making, Egyptian themed colouring in, painting Pharoah masks and gluing sand on to a base for our own mini Giza there was plenty to choose from!

During lunch, which was a lovely sight – all 15 children seated round the table 🙂 K read out and encouraged discussion on Sumerian food facts.

After lunch, craft activities continued with added making pyramids for our mini-Giza and making fimo scarab beetles, amongst other things. K was discussing Sumerian rules for those children that were in the kitchen and also made honey cake which was yummy – it tasted a bit like sweet yorkshire pudding only stodgier!

We have been discussing making our own official home educators card; H painted a large tree and all the children added their hand print, with the adults adding theirs for grass. All we need now is a Latin phrase or motto to add and then the plan is to make them into business cards.

Everyone had their photo taken as Joseph with worked really well and was great fun!

There was lots of bunny cuddling, some more fimo making – mainly the adults by this time 🙂 and some playtime for the children who were still there and some adult chat time too which was lovely. After gathering together all our bit and pieces we drove home.

Another very successful day – thank you again H for hosting 🙂


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  2. HelenHaricot
    Oct 25, 2010 @ 00:11:12

    i really enjoyed it – as always!


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