Film Week

This week was mainly taken up with trips to the cinema as part of National Schools Film Week.

was Toy Story 3 – It totally lived up to my expectations and proved to be yet another great Pixar production. The girls loved it too and had worked through the study guides that accompany the film in lapbook form, giving examples of toys they used to play with, toys they enjoy now and ones that parents/grandparents might have played with. We spent the afternoon at home, the girls had a couple of hours working on lapbooks before we left to go to dance. Poppy and I took along our reading books and we sat in the car reading and chatting whilst Skye was dancing. After tea, the girls
watched some tv with Daddy whilst I prepared some notes for our EHEO visit tomorrow.

TuesdayOur EHEO visit, blogged here πŸ™‚

Wednesday – Another trip to the cinema to see Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief. We arrived early and managed to reserve back row seats waiting for the arrival of The Beans and The Deependers. I knew very little about this film apart from it had something to do with Greek Mythology. We all absolutely loved it! There were some scary parts and fortunately H was seated nearest the huddle of children and managed to pre-warn them when she sensed a scary scene coming. P and SB did a great job cuddling and comforting L, even though they were probably quite scared themselves! πŸ™‚ After the film we all headed back to the Beans for Historyetc which was fab πŸ™‚ After a chippery tea, the girls spent the evening watching animal documentaries with Daddy and i went out for the evening for a drink and girly chit-chat with some friends πŸ™‚

Thursday another big step for Poppy – she spent the whole day at Merry’s without me! Daddy dropped them off on his way to work and I understand they spent the morning doing stuff round the table, mathletics and some CP. They had a lovely time mostly playing with Biscuit, their new little bunny, as well as some dance practice for a forthcoming talent show. Despite one altercation (between S and P!!) the day went well and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves! Thank you Merry πŸ™‚ After tea they watched brainiac History Abuse which they had recorded.

Friday I went to work and Daddy and the girls went to the cinema to see The Last Airbender. Apparently Percy Jackson wins hands down on the best film of the week! After the film the had lunch at Pizza Hut and then visited Nanny before going to dance. I popped to Tesco after work and we all arrived home a pretty much the same time. Had a snuggle on the sofa with the girls and watched The Apprentice recorded earlier in the week (i have no idea why, but they enjoy watching it too!).

Saturday Realised that with the long list of Christmas craft we have to get through, really need to get on with something. So, today from 10am until 4pm we made a fimo nativity which my Auntie had requested to go onto the Christmas cake she was making for the Children’s Ward at the local hospital. I think I will blog each Christmas craft separately.

Other things the girls did today; lots of playing with Violet (the hamster who is the size of a small guinea pig!) πŸ™‚ some ds-ing and crafting.

After watching Merlin, they went to bed but were still heard chatting and giggling for ages!!


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