Latinetc and geocaching

On our way to Latinetc (apart from Skye losing her first molar tooth :D) we called into town to collect Skye’s lovely new purple glasses after a rather unfortunate accident with her last pair which fell out of the car and got run over 😦

Latinetc, H did another fab experiment making oxygen, explained here and I along with K got the children working on some halloween inspired art activity using oil pastels in the style of Klee.

No G so no music today but K did an extended latin. After our pasta lunch the children had some outdoor playtime and the adults chatted and managed to plan out the groups. Merry had to leave for an appointment. K did some French with those that were left and some did more craft before. H and I had planned to do one final hunt for the geocache at Houghton that we (lcr) had failed to find THREE TIMES!! a last minute decision but were joined by the Deependers 🙂 Arrived at Houghton and immediately started hunting. I spotted something, way away from where we had previously been searching but after an email from the cache owner, expected it to be futher along. And so I had found it 😀 !!! Woohoo! We persuaded K to come along to the next one which we though was going to be a quick find. H had coordinates downloaded on iPhone but unfortunately the battery died so after a quick call to Chris managed to upload coordinates into handheld gps (which incidently H had trouble working and we were rapidly losing light!) H had an idea where it was so we headed to the general area by which time she had got the garmin working. Getting darker still in the thicket we continued our search and as we were about to give up, kfish spotted a misplaced log between some trees so J went in to investigate and…….yay!! found it 🙂 Lots of great swaps so they all had a rummage around to see if there was something they might like. Replaced cache and carefully made our way back through the thicket to the path which wasn’t quite so dark and spooky 🙂

Said our goodbyes and arrived home in the dark! Tea, snuggles and bed.


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