Latinetc and Cambridge Botanical Gardens

Today required me to be organised, after gathering together some art materials (magazines, glue sticks, scissors and pencils) preparing picnic and making sure girls had warm clothes, Merry arrived with her girls so I could take them to latinetc whilst she attended an appointment. Bundled girls into the car, and out again as I had put the car seats in the wrong places leaving a seat without a seat belt! I was doing so well! Anyway, take 2 of bundling girls into the car got to Katy’s where Gina had already started with music theory and there was a well needed pot of tea waiting in the kitchen 🙂 It was a rather compressed latinetc; Helen worked through the practical exercise for Chapter 2 of Real Science 4 Kids, Katy did GP French and Latin with biggies and Skoldo French and Minimus Latin with middlies. Poppy did recorder with Gina which she enjoyed – learning Good King Wenceslas 🙂 Art involved selecting a picture from a magazine, cutting it down the middle and drawing in the missing half – thank you to nattyem for the idea 🙂 Snack time we sung a happy birthday to BB and had some yummy dinosaur cakes, also chocolate cake so we were all caked out!

All too soon it was time to pack up our things and make our way to Cambridge Botanical Gardens for a CHEF organised event. After meeting up with the other attendees, we were split into three groups – I was on of the ‘responsible adults’ for Poppy’s group and Skye went off into the older group with Fran.

The afternoon was split into three sessions, our first was in the warm classroom watching a slide show on insectivorous plants. Then we wrapped up and went on a guided walk round the gardens which were beautiful. They were all given paper bags to collect items of interest. SB and I got rather carried away taking photos! 🙂 Then it was off to the glasshouse to sketch some rather fabulous Pitcher plants, Sarracenia, which I think are a favourite with Poppy and I. Skye was disappointed that they didn’t get to see the venus fly trap but was impressed with the pitcher plants too. They also dissected a lily and Poppy managed to find the ‘eggs’.

Met up with the others and walked back to our cars. Started to follow the beans out of the city and accidentally followed the wrong car – noticing that I was no longer following the car with the lizards but another of exactly the same make and colour but lizardless! Still made it home safe and sound 🙂

A fabulous day but will definitely revisit as Skye and Pops would really like to spend more time in the glasshouse exploring the other areas, in particular the rainforest.

Will add photos when I have more time!


Catching up

Quick catch up of the past week;

5100713374_15a1d378ef_b Wednesday latinetc Helen did some work on the Periodic Table and elements in conjunction with Chapter 1 of Real Science 4 Kids and made some fab window decals 🙂 Read more here!

Latinetc Periodic Table 014

Latinetc Periodic Table 044

Latinetc Periodic Table 049

Apologies to H for failing to correctly arrange the elements for photographing – i went for neat list approach instead of correct scientific order but after some toing and froing almost got there – except i did muddle 3 and 4 up – oops!

Latinetc Periodic Table 062

Really wasn’t Poppy’s day though – SB got a ball kicked in her face, by Poppy, Amelie stepped on something sharp when Poppy rushed past her and J got a large thorn stuck in his back when he was knocked into a bush, by Poppy 😦 I would like to apologise to all families concerned and stress that these incidents were complete accidents and were not done with intent or malice and she really is a very lovely and caring little thing [most of the time] 🙂

Hung around Katy’s until late afternoon with children dipping in and out of art and playing and decided that if this was to be more of a regular thing we should have a bit more structure to the latter part of the day. Next time we plan to come a little more prepared with more art, maths books and possibly do some folk singing/music.

Poppy did flute but forgot to take along her recorder – must remember for next time! Minimus latin, Skoldo French which she found very easy however the plan is to race through this book and move onto the next fairly quickly.

Took along tessellation art which seemed to work well, although my ‘birds’ [yes they were birds and not flying horses, ducks or bunnies] didn’t always come together as expected but they had fun creating, designing and colouring 🙂

Latinetc Periodic Table 003

Wed eve the girls went over to Mum and Dads for a sleep over as i have work again tomorrow.

I sent the girls to Mum’s with a list things that i expected them to get done and I was very pleased that they had achieved all of them.

Mathletics both girls did about an hour, reading, Maths from their bookswrite a poem or short story – they did a joint poem about Woodgreen.

Dogs in kennels
Cats in cages
All different sizes
All different ages
Handed in
Or even strays
I’m safe and sound
Thanks to Woodgreen!

Mum’s neighbour dropped a bag of wool and some crocheting that her late mother had started as she knew I was interested in starting myself, however Poppy got to the bag first and has done a fantastic job! Forgot to make allowances for corners etc but as it turned out, has made a lovely cushion cover! 🙂 Poppy did all the green crocheting…

Poppy's crocheting :) Poppy's crocheting

Skye had a drum lesson to replace the one we cancelled on Tuesday – she is still loving it and doing so well.

Friday Unfortunately Daddy had work to do from home today so the girls were left pretty much to their own devices, although the did manage mathletics, reading and art. I think Wayne took Skye dancing but can’t remember what Pops and I did :/

Saturday Wayne was insistent that we start our Christmas shopping, despite me not being in the mood. However we did pop out for a couple of hours and came back with nothing except some food shopping! Called into Woodgreen on the way back for a Skipper update and apparently he is undergoing booster training before being reassessed. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. So we still haven’t met him. Good thing really as its so close to Okehampton camp and didn’t like the idea of my poor Mum having to cope with a dog that we no virtually nothing about!

The girls took Starry dog for a walk and then she came back to ours for a play! Mooched around for the rest of the evening and watched Merlin – which has become the highlight of our Saturday! Not quite sure what we’ll do when it finishes?? Box set Series 1 and 2 I think 🙂

Sunday Mum and Dad popped in early-ish on their way Christmas shopping to drop Millie-dog (called such as the owners also have a cat called Millie-cat hence the name Millie-dog!) whom they are looking after for a couple of weeks. Girls played, art and crafted. We had a lovely long walk, popping into my Aunties for a cup of tea en route. Skye met up with a friend on our way back and her first time out and about in the village. I think they were at the park for all of 5 minutes before I called her to say she had our door key in her bag and could she pop back home to let us in!! After that they went back to C’s house to play! Poppy and I made some more Christmas cards and the ‘adults’ secret santa pressies which i am pleased with. The girls have still got the children’s ones to do.

MondayMathletics in the morning followed by a read through second chapter of Real Science 4 Kids ready for Wednesday. The girls also managed to make cupcakes to take along to Merry’s – we have been busy! Arrived at Merry’s and the girls all disappeared upstairs. Merry and I chatted and prepared fimo so they could make more photo clips. So, more gorgeous clips made to go with the others made last week! Getting rather a collection now 🙂

Fimo Photo Clips

Took Skye, Fran and Josie dancing, back to Merry’s to drop F & J and collect Pops then home.

Before bed, girls made some surprises to take along to Okehampton!

Tuesday Can’t believe Tuesday was only two days ago and already I’ve forgotten what we did in the morning! Think it was Mathletics, Maths and some reading but can’t be sure! After lunch we went to Creative Writing which was very busy with some new ones too! Sadly missed B who came with a friend to drop off R but left with friend straight away so i didn’t get chance for a catch up 😦 Have text though but not quite the same. Poor M was slightly unprepared for such a big group but did a fab job of filling 2 hours. She discussed how memories were like photographs, capturing the moment and asked each of them to think of either a specific moment in time and capture it in words to create a poem, using the 5 senses to gather information to build a picture. Everyone had the opportunity to share their work. Am very proud of Skye, she doesn’t find it easy to speak out in front of a group but she shared her poem which was beautiful. [will add it here when i can find the book she wrote it in!]

One of the Mum’s had bought a stack of Aquila magazine so we picked up a few to have a look through at home.

Skipped drums – it was getting dark when we left Creative Writing and really wanted to get home and snuggle up. So we did 🙂

Girls went to bed and I prepared a picnic for our trip to Cambridge Botanical Gardens tomorrow, following a shortened Latinetc.

Science and nature

Started work early this morning, first task was to read Chapter 1 of Real Science 4 Kids in readiness for tomorrow’s Latinetc. We also had a look at the Periodic Table and the girls cut up coloured card, labelling with the Elements and their codes to produce a matching game but by the time they had finished writing out the cards didn’t fancy playing it so might take it along tomorrow 🙂

Both girls did Mathletics, French and Minimus Latin following on from last Latinetc. Skye practiced her dancing, both played ‘Just Dance’ on the Wii. As it was such a lovely, crisp afternoon, we borrowed Star (the dog) and, armed with camera, went for a walk taking photos on our way 🙂

Village walk 151110 002

Village walk 151110 005

Village walk 151110 028

Village walk 151110 032

Village walk 151110 033

Village walk 151110 034

Village walk 151110 038

Village walk 151110 043

Village walk 151110 045

Village walk 151110 046

Village walk 151110 048

Village walk 151110 053

Village walk 151110 051

Village walk 151110 052

It was quite hazy with the sun being so low but think it adds to the atmosphere in the photos.

We love our village 🙂

Skye did more dance practice, we all played Labyrinth. Put drums off until tomorrow and Skye didn’t feel up to going to Scouts as she had an incident earlier in the day where she thinks she popped her shoulder out and although it clicked back in and it been painful ever since 😦 Hoping it will feel better by tomorrow. Spent most of the evening with a hot water bottle on it which seemed to help.

Art etc

After some reading, dance practice and Mathletics we jumped in the car to spend the day with Merry and Co. The girls had a good play together whilst Merry and I chatted and prepared craft.

I cut out tessellation tiles that they decorated after being shown examples of how they may have been used in Victorian times.

Art etc 151110 033

Also read the blurb from the fabulous Usbourne Art Treasury book. Merry continued to roll out endless sheets of fimo in between checking up on her ‘pocket frogs’! (Club Penguin for Mummies) 😀

After lunch, Merry gave a swift fimo masterclass showing how a millefiori and caning technique. We then all made some rather fantabulous photo holders which the girls are going to attempt to sell on Etsy [insert link here when I have it from Merry :)]

Art etc 151110 030 Art etc 151110 029

Art etc 151110 020 Art etc 151110 017

Unfortunately I didn’t managed to photograph a complete set so I am hoping Merry has 🙂

I took Skye, Fran and Josie dancing and left Merry finishing off photo holders with the others, including Poppy who seems more than happy to stay there without me now 🙂 Returned an hour later and the dancing girls carried on with their photo holders and we left them all baking in the oven (the fimo not the girls ;)). Arrived home, girls helped with unloading dishwasher etc, Skye did some more dance practice for her forthcoming Jazz and Musical Theatre exams.

Had a chippery tea which Wayne picked up on his way home, shortly after which the girls went to bed reading a book about caring for a new pet! Wayne and I watched what is probably one of the worst films I have seen for a long time, ‘2012’ – terribly ‘Hollywood cheese’! I finally finished sewing all the letters for the Christmas garland I am making for a friend – now i just need to figure out the best way to hang it 🙂

Christmas Garland

Christmas Craft #3

This morning we mooched about debating whether to go to the cinema with our free tickets to see Unstoppable. The girls answered that question for us and we sat round crafting all day 🙂

We had a lovely time, the girls made Christmas stockings for their cats, Oscar and Storm, hamster Violet and an extra one for Skipper the dog (should we be lucky enough to give him a home!) 🙂 All beautifully hand sewn.

Nov 2010 248 Nov 2010 249

I made a start on a Christmas garland for a friend which, so far, I am very pleased with.

Nov 2010 250

Wayne made Sunday dinner which was delish – i am not a fan of making Sunday dinners so have decided that he can have that job every week which i think he is ok with 🙂

The girls were happy to help with chores; unloaded the dishwasher, set the table, cleared the table, made cups of tea and were just fab. There was also some ds-ing, nano-ing, wii-ing, dancing and snuggling. Whilst sewing, Poppy chose a dvd for us to watch – ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’ which I tolerated – don’t ask me how! Mum and Dad stopped by for a cup of tea and a chit-chat, Mum was telling us stories about my Dad when he was about 10 years old, hiding one of a litter of puppies so he could keep it. ‘Chum’ was hidden under beds and in cupboards out of sight from any prospective new owners and managed to keep his place with my Dad for many years 🙂 I love hearing stories from years ago. My Auntie is great for telling stories about her childhood and that of other members of our family. I keep promising myself that I will make sure I write down every family story she and anyone else tells me so it can be passed on for many more years but I never do. Maybe I should.

We have laughed and smiled lots today 🙂

Club Penguin for Daddies

Skye and Pops sleepily walked into our room this morning for a snuggle 🙂 Skye was so happy when I gave her the news that she, Fran, Amelie and Maddy had all made it through to the finals of the Talent Show. She is hopefully beginning to realise that making a mistake doesn’t make a failure.

Had a leisurely morning getting ready – girls did some ds-ing and Skye did a little more nano-ing 🙂 We were due to spend the evening at Wayne’s Mums but decided to make our way to Springfields Shopping Outlet in Spalding picking her up en route. I was planning to make Christmas Chutney today but I guess that will wait.

Wayne was doing something or other on his Fantasy Football thing, which the girls seemed to take an interest in and were asking lots of questions how it worked etc and then after he had explained all the intricacies they decided it sounded boring and asked what is the point. At this point I shouted from the bathroom ‘Its a bit like Club Penguin for Daddies’ 🙂 [hence the blog title] in other words, there is no point but can provide hours of ‘fun’!

So, we left the house slightly later than planned and a last-minute decision took us the in the wrong direction towards Woodgreen! I apparently needed to see two black labs (which are my among my fav type of dog) who needed rehoming, together! They were gorgeous, but reserved, and from speaking with the lady from the rehoming section decided that they would not be suitable. However, a springer/lab cross had come in and was awaiting assessment but from the initial report he seemed to be a suitable match. And so, we have reserved Skipper, pending assessment and of course meeting him! I am quite excited about it – we have seen a photo and he looks lovely 🙂 We are now waiting for the phone call.

So, onto Springfields, picked up card supplies for us, the Beans and Merry so we should have plenty for art and craft projects 🙂
Then back to Wayne’s Mum’s for tea. Watched Merlin before making our way back home. Girls went straight to bed and I watched the Take That thing then blogged. Now I’m off to bed 🙂

Quick Friday blog

I have tried to get Mr LCR to blog today but its just not going to happen. I went to work, leaving Skye nano-ing and Poppy doing something else, can’t remember what exactly.

The girls had a dental appointment which went well. Skye may need braces but they won’t do anything until she’s lost all her baby teeth 😀
She actually wants to wear braces and so has considered ‘helping’ her teeth out [Poppy’s an expert on that]! But this has been discouraged!

They came home via Woodgreen :rolls eyes: played Labyrinth, continued writing and illustrating the books they started at Creative Writing. Reading, Mathletics, watched Autumnwatch – we need to get more bird feeders apparently. Not sure what else they did but they assured me they were busy!

I arrived home later than expected and Wayne rushed Skye off to dance whilst I snuggled up with Pops on the sofa and had a go at crocheting after borrowing a book from Merry. Think i’ve almost got it but not sure i’m using the right wool for a beginner, its a bit dark so difficult to see the stitches. I am hoping that my friends will help me out when we get to Okehampton 🙂 Hopefully I won’t have got into any bad habits by then by trying to teach myself!

Received text from Merry to say that the Skye, Fran, Amelie and Maddy have all made it through to the final of the Talent Show. Skye will be so pleased as she forgot one of her lines in the audition, got quite upset on the way home thinking that she had let her friends down. Can’t wait to tell her in the morning!

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