I managed to convince the girls that being part of nanowrimo might be a good idea. To be honest we are not taking it too seriously, not really setting targets as such – thought it might encourage a bit of creative writing every day. I really should lead by example but I just don’t see myself as a writer, not sure that either of the girls are but Poppy does have a great imagination and is full of wit but just struggles when it comes to writing it down. So, after a bit of worrying and stressing, Skye got busy planning and researching this morning and Poppy having done her planning yesterday morning got onto story writing πŸ™‚ Only managed 73 words but its a start!

Whilst they were planning I thought I would try writing out a quick timetable for the day just to give ourselves some targets – a bit like a tick sheet I guess but when we tried those a couple of weeks ago they kept forgetting to tick things!!

I sat with Poppy and worked through a section of her Zoo Vet Maths book whilst Skye went off to practice her dance for her exam in a couple of weeks. Also read chapter 3 of Story of the World to Poppy, Skye chose to make a start on her writing now that she had a plan! πŸ˜€

Quick trip to the post office then back for lunch, managed to incorporate some French food vocab in whilst we were eating which was fun πŸ™‚

Poppy baked some cakes whilst Skye did more dance practice, then they both did some dancing. Caught up on Autumnwatch watching – love that programme πŸ™‚

Poppy iced her cupcakes and they both had 45 mins on Mathletics followed by a bit of art/doodling and made a start on their secret Santa pressies for Okehampton…shhhhh!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ Skye said it feels weird making Christmas presents! I made veggie lasagne for tea, popped it in the oven on a low heat and dashed off for Skye’s drum lesson. Arrived home, lasagne cooked to perfection, good job as girls were very hungry – well done me πŸ™‚ Dropped Skye at Scouts – they went ten pin bowling – and Poppy and I snuggled up on the sofa and watched Kirsty’s Homemade Home – she did some crocheting and it reminded me that Poppy and I wanted to learn how to do that so hoping that some fellow Okehamptoners might pass on their knowledge and skill πŸ˜‰

Wayne arrived home after stopping by my Mum and Dad’s to sort out their broadband. Skye was home in time to watch the BBC programme Turn Back Time; A group of shop-keeping families are transported back to the birth of the high street in the 1870s, and propelled through a century of change, right up to the modern era and the 1970s. This week it was the Victorians, which ties in nicely with our Victorian Day at Burghley House tomorrow.

Girls went to bed exhausted and fell asleep within minutes πŸ™‚ Early ish night for me too I think – I have such a headache hoping it will pass by the morning 😦


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