‘I found a…..’

Skye continued with her NanoWrimo story which is coming along fabulously – I am so impressed with her writing and i think she has surprised herself. She is rather pleased with it so far which is good 🙂

Poppy is less enthusiastic so we found something else for her to do.
Copying an idea from the Beans, Poppy and I collected leaves and looked at some autumn poems and discussed what we thought the writer might be trying to say and then had a go at writing our own using the leaves to decorate the page.

Poppy's Autumn Poem

And mine which started off as a list of autumn words or phrases but fitted quite well as a poem without much effort;

Falling leaves, scrunching beneath my feet

Misty mornings, damp grass

Gathering birds, drifting, floating in the skies

Trees from green, to brown, to empty

Bare and cold, spindly silhouettes against the Autumn sunlight.

We all played our ‘new to us’ game Labyrinth which is great fun involving strategy and luck! Poppy so far seems to be the best player and won almost every game!

Whilst waiting for lunch they both spent some time on Mathletics then it was off to Creative Writing. M showed them two objects; a roll of sellotape and a headband and the object of the exercise was to think of as many uses for each one as possible, miming for others to guess. For example the sellotape was used as a bracelet, steering wheel, pendulum, monocle, halo etc and the headband as a visor, necklace, frisby, monster and so the list goes on. M then read them a short story she had created where a little girl found a bag which was used by a number of different people/animals and all as different things; a nest, a hat, a cupboard etc and had illustrated it beautifully. The children all had a go at writing and illustrating their own ‘I found a…..’ story. Skye and Poppy really enjoyed this session especially as it involved art! Even I had a go :o)

We skipped drums this evening and have rescheduled for Thursday as Wayne was due home earlier than usual. So early he even arrived back before we did!! Girls went on CP whilst I prepared tea, choice of mushroom stroganoff and vegetable curry 🙂 Dropped Skye to Scouts. Wayne and Poppy played Labyrinth until I got back and then I joined them for a game. Poppy and I watched Kirsty’s Homemade Home. Picked up Skye and we all sat and watched Turn Back Time; Edwardian High Street which was fab (apart from the butchery bit). Girls went to bed, I blogged and stressed about what I was going to contribute to Historyetc tomorrow!


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