History etc – Ancient China, West Africa and The Indus Valley

Up early to gather together some bits, Poppy made banana cake as we appear to have a load of brown spotty bananas that none of us will eat unless it’s in cake!! A quick dash to Tesco to pick up some Jasmine tea and arrived at the Beans for another Historyetc day.

I assisted in preparing some African designs copied from the booklet which accompanies the Djeco African Sand Art kit, whilst the children ran around playing. We set out another craft in the conservatory, making African shakers using Pringle tubes decorated and filled with dried lentils and beans. (C had to make a dash to the shop across the road to meet the demand for more tubes and so purchased more Pringles which, needless to say lived up to their slogan ‘Once you pop you can’t stop’ and all 6 tubes were finished with about 5 minutes!!) Paper plates were also decorated with African designs and folded or joined together filled with lentils and we had a bit of a shake-fest in the garden 🙂

Nov 2010 223

After the traditional ‘etc’ pasta lunch with chocolate cake courtesy of Gina and Banana cake made by Poppy this morning 🙂 we continued with crafting this time focusing more on Ancient China. Small silk bags were made with a ribbon drawstring to hold a set of ‘jade runes’ made from green fimo and engraved with pictograms – some were more gruesome than others and I would certainly have been quite picky who I selected to read my fortune!! They all turned out really well and they all had fun reading each others fortunes with their runes 🙂

Nov 2010 194 Nov 2010 198

During all this crafting various stories from African Myths (Stories from Ancient Civilisations) and Barefoot Animal Tales from Around the World were read by H and some of the children, including one about Anansi the spider to lead us into our Anansi Spider Craft 🙂

Nov 2010 156 Nov 2010 196

Nov 2010 228 Nov 2010 229

H took a few children off into the kitchen to cut up vegetables and papaya for Papaya Fried Rice which was served up with Jasmine tea. All the children tried eating their rice using chop sticks, some more successfully than others and most switched to a spoon by then end of their bowlful! 🙂

Nov 2010 231 Nov 2010 238

Room for a little more playtime before we packed up our things and left for home.

Girls went of CP for a bit whilst downloaded a load of photos (almost 400 since last Monday) and blogged 🙂

Snuggled up to watch the first in a new series of Edwardian Farm which was fab – thank goodness for iPlayer though as Pops fell asleep 5 minutes into it with her arm hooked around Oscar the cat – very sweet 🙂


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