Poppy Art etc

Art etc swapped as I had to work Monday this week instead of Thursday.

In honour of Remembrance Day we had a Poppy themed Art etc. Merry spent the morning at work and I got busy with our first art project, after we had observed the two minute silence. The girls lined themselves up on the stairs looking over the bannister into the kitchen at the digital clock on the cooker.

Poppy Art etc 001

We began our first art session by tearing circular shapes of tissue paper to resemble petals and used a glue/water mix to fix them to a sheet of paper grouped in twos and threes to give the effect of a poppy. We added stalks and leaves and the finished pictures were rather lovely.

Poppy Art etc 023

I prepared lunch whilst the girls had a play and Merry arrived home with supplies for our next project which was to construct a large poppy out of red card. A very striking contrast against the black. I also read them ‘The Soldier’ – quite emotional. Followed by a quick discussion about what the poem was trying to say.

Poppy Art etc 021

And finally fimo 🙂

Poppy Art etc 032

Another fabulous day – I do love our Art etc days, in fact all our ‘etc’ days are rather rabulous 🙂

Skipped drums as it was getting dark and the weather was horrible and rainy 😦 Opted for a cosy evening on the sofa instead 🙂 Although once the girls had gone to be I did have to do a food shop 😦

Home, unpacked shopping, downloaded photos, blogged a bit and then bed!


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