Quick Friday blog

I have tried to get Mr LCR to blog today but its just not going to happen. I went to work, leaving Skye nano-ing and Poppy doing something else, can’t remember what exactly.

The girls had a dental appointment which went well. Skye may need braces but they won’t do anything until she’s lost all her baby teeth šŸ˜€
She actually wants to wear braces and so has considered ‘helping’ her teeth out [Poppy’s an expert on that]! But this has been discouraged!

They came home via Woodgreen :rolls eyes: played Labyrinth, continued writing and illustrating the books they started at Creative Writing. Reading, Mathletics, watched Autumnwatch – we need to get more bird feeders apparently. Not sure what else they did but they assured me they were busy!

I arrived home later than expected and Wayne rushed Skye off to dance whilst I snuggled up with Pops on the sofa and had a go at crocheting after borrowing a book from Merry. Think i’ve almost got it but not sure i’m using the right wool for a beginner, its a bit dark so difficult to see the stitches. I am hoping that my friends will help me out when we get to Okehampton šŸ™‚ Hopefully I won’t have got into any bad habits by then by trying to teach myself!

Received text from Merry to say that the Skye, Fran, Amelie and Maddy have all made it through to the final of the Talent Show. Skye will be so pleased as she forgot one of her lines in the audition, got quite upset on the way home thinking that she had let her friends down. Can’t wait to tell her in the morning!


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