Club Penguin for Daddies

Skye and Pops sleepily walked into our room this morning for a snuggle πŸ™‚ Skye was so happy when I gave her the news that she, Fran, Amelie and Maddy had all made it through to the finals of the Talent Show. She is hopefully beginning to realise that making a mistake doesn’t make a failure.

Had a leisurely morning getting ready – girls did some ds-ing and Skye did a little more nano-ing πŸ™‚ We were due to spend the evening at Wayne’s Mums but decided to make our way to Springfields Shopping Outlet in Spalding picking her up en route. I was planning to make Christmas Chutney today but I guess that will wait.

Wayne was doing something or other on his Fantasy Football thing, which the girls seemed to take an interest in and were asking lots of questions how it worked etc and then after he had explained all the intricacies they decided it sounded boring and asked what is the point. At this point I shouted from the bathroom ‘Its a bit like Club Penguin for Daddies’ πŸ™‚ [hence the blog title] in other words, there is no point but can provide hours of ‘fun’!

So, we left the house slightly later than planned and a last-minute decision took us the in the wrong direction towards Woodgreen! I apparently needed to see two black labs (which are my among my fav type of dog) who needed rehoming, together! They were gorgeous, but reserved, and from speaking with the lady from the rehoming section decided that they would not be suitable. However, a springer/lab cross had come in and was awaiting assessment but from the initial report he seemed to be a suitable match. And so, we have reserved Skipper, pending assessment and of course meeting him! I am quite excited about it – we have seen a photo and he looks lovely πŸ™‚ We are now waiting for the phone call.

So, onto Springfields, picked up card supplies for us, the Beans and Merry so we should have plenty for art and craft projects πŸ™‚
Then back to Wayne’s Mum’s for tea. Watched Merlin before making our way back home. Girls went straight to bed and I watched the Take That thing then blogged. Now I’m off to bed πŸ™‚


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