Catching up

Quick catch up of the past week;

5100713374_15a1d378ef_b Wednesday latinetc Helen did some work on the Periodic Table and elements in conjunction with Chapter 1 of Real Science 4 Kids and made some fab window decals πŸ™‚ Read more here!

Latinetc Periodic Table 014

Latinetc Periodic Table 044

Latinetc Periodic Table 049

Apologies to H for failing to correctly arrange the elements for photographing – i went for neat list approach instead of correct scientific order but after some toing and froing almost got there – except i did muddle 3 and 4 up – oops!

Latinetc Periodic Table 062

Really wasn’t Poppy’s day though – SB got a ball kicked in her face, by Poppy, Amelie stepped on something sharp when Poppy rushed past her and J got a large thorn stuck in his back when he was knocked into a bush, by Poppy 😦 I would like to apologise to all families concerned and stress that these incidents were complete accidents and were not done with intent or malice and she really is a very lovely and caring little thing [most of the time] πŸ™‚

Hung around Katy’s until late afternoon with children dipping in and out of art and playing and decided that if this was to be more of a regular thing we should have a bit more structure to the latter part of the day. Next time we plan to come a little more prepared with more art, maths books and possibly do some folk singing/music.

Poppy did flute but forgot to take along her recorder – must remember for next time! Minimus latin, Skoldo French which she found very easy however the plan is to race through this book and move onto the next fairly quickly.

Took along tessellation art which seemed to work well, although my ‘birds’ [yes they were birds and not flying horses, ducks or bunnies] didn’t always come together as expected but they had fun creating, designing and colouring πŸ™‚

Latinetc Periodic Table 003

Wed eve the girls went over to Mum and Dads for a sleep over as i have work again tomorrow.

I sent the girls to Mum’s with a list things that i expected them to get done and I was very pleased that they had achieved all of them.

Mathletics both girls did about an hour, reading, Maths from their bookswrite a poem or short story – they did a joint poem about Woodgreen.

Dogs in kennels
Cats in cages
All different sizes
All different ages
Handed in
Or even strays
I’m safe and sound
Thanks to Woodgreen!

Mum’s neighbour dropped a bag of wool and some crocheting that her late mother had started as she knew I was interested in starting myself, however Poppy got to the bag first and has done a fantastic job! Forgot to make allowances for corners etc but as it turned out, has made a lovely cushion cover! πŸ™‚ Poppy did all the green crocheting…

Poppy's crocheting :) Poppy's crocheting

Skye had a drum lesson to replace the one we cancelled on Tuesday – she is still loving it and doing so well.

Friday Unfortunately Daddy had work to do from home today so the girls were left pretty much to their own devices, although the did manage mathletics, reading and art. I think Wayne took Skye dancing but can’t remember what Pops and I did :/

Saturday Wayne was insistent that we start our Christmas shopping, despite me not being in the mood. However we did pop out for a couple of hours and came back with nothing except some food shopping! Called into Woodgreen on the way back for a Skipper update and apparently he is undergoing booster training before being reassessed. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. So we still haven’t met him. Good thing really as its so close to Okehampton camp and didn’t like the idea of my poor Mum having to cope with a dog that we no virtually nothing about!

The girls took Starry dog for a walk and then she came back to ours for a play! Mooched around for the rest of the evening and watched Merlin – which has become the highlight of our Saturday! Not quite sure what we’ll do when it finishes?? Box set Series 1 and 2 I think πŸ™‚

Sunday Mum and Dad popped in early-ish on their way Christmas shopping to drop Millie-dog (called such as the owners also have a cat called Millie-cat hence the name Millie-dog!) whom they are looking after for a couple of weeks. Girls played, art and crafted. We had a lovely long walk, popping into my Aunties for a cup of tea en route. Skye met up with a friend on our way back and her first time out and about in the village. I think they were at the park for all of 5 minutes before I called her to say she had our door key in her bag and could she pop back home to let us in!! After that they went back to C’s house to play! Poppy and I made some more Christmas cards and the ‘adults’ secret santa pressies which i am pleased with. The girls have still got the children’s ones to do.

MondayMathletics in the morning followed by a read through second chapter of Real Science 4 Kids ready for Wednesday. The girls also managed to make cupcakes to take along to Merry’s – we have been busy! Arrived at Merry’s and the girls all disappeared upstairs. Merry and I chatted and prepared fimo so they could make more photo clips. So, more gorgeous clips made to go with the others made last week! Getting rather a collection now πŸ™‚

Fimo Photo Clips

Took Skye, Fran and Josie dancing, back to Merry’s to drop F & J and collect Pops then home.

Before bed, girls made some surprises to take along to Okehampton!

Tuesday Can’t believe Tuesday was only two days ago and already I’ve forgotten what we did in the morning! Think it was Mathletics, Maths and some reading but can’t be sure! After lunch we went to Creative Writing which was very busy with some new ones too! Sadly missed B who came with a friend to drop off R but left with friend straight away so i didn’t get chance for a catch up 😦 Have text though but not quite the same. Poor M was slightly unprepared for such a big group but did a fab job of filling 2 hours. She discussed how memories were like photographs, capturing the moment and asked each of them to think of either a specific moment in time and capture it in words to create a poem, using the 5 senses to gather information to build a picture. Everyone had the opportunity to share their work. Am very proud of Skye, she doesn’t find it easy to speak out in front of a group but she shared her poem which was beautiful. [will add it here when i can find the book she wrote it in!]

One of the Mum’s had bought a stack of Aquila magazine so we picked up a few to have a look through at home.

Skipped drums – it was getting dark when we left Creative Writing and really wanted to get home and snuggle up. So we did πŸ™‚

Girls went to bed and I prepared a picnic for our trip to Cambridge Botanical Gardens tomorrow, following a shortened Latinetc.


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