Latinetc and Cambridge Botanical Gardens

Today required me to be organised, after gathering together some art materials (magazines, glue sticks, scissors and pencils) preparing picnic and making sure girls had warm clothes, Merry arrived with her girls so I could take them to latinetc whilst she attended an appointment. Bundled girls into the car, and out again as I had put the car seats in the wrong places leaving a seat without a seat belt! I was doing so well! Anyway, take 2 of bundling girls into the car got to Katy’s where Gina had already started with music theory and there was a well needed pot of tea waiting in the kitchen 🙂 It was a rather compressed latinetc; Helen worked through the practical exercise for Chapter 2 of Real Science 4 Kids, Katy did GP French and Latin with biggies and Skoldo French and Minimus Latin with middlies. Poppy did recorder with Gina which she enjoyed – learning Good King Wenceslas 🙂 Art involved selecting a picture from a magazine, cutting it down the middle and drawing in the missing half – thank you to nattyem for the idea 🙂 Snack time we sung a happy birthday to BB and had some yummy dinosaur cakes, also chocolate cake so we were all caked out!

All too soon it was time to pack up our things and make our way to Cambridge Botanical Gardens for a CHEF organised event. After meeting up with the other attendees, we were split into three groups – I was on of the ‘responsible adults’ for Poppy’s group and Skye went off into the older group with Fran.

The afternoon was split into three sessions, our first was in the warm classroom watching a slide show on insectivorous plants. Then we wrapped up and went on a guided walk round the gardens which were beautiful. They were all given paper bags to collect items of interest. SB and I got rather carried away taking photos! 🙂 Then it was off to the glasshouse to sketch some rather fabulous Pitcher plants, Sarracenia, which I think are a favourite with Poppy and I. Skye was disappointed that they didn’t get to see the venus fly trap but was impressed with the pitcher plants too. They also dissected a lily and Poppy managed to find the ‘eggs’.

Met up with the others and walked back to our cars. Started to follow the beans out of the city and accidentally followed the wrong car – noticing that I was no longer following the car with the lizards but another of exactly the same make and colour but lizardless! Still made it home safe and sound 🙂

A fabulous day but will definitely revisit as Skye and Pops would really like to spend more time in the glasshouse exploring the other areas, in particular the rainforest.

Will add photos when I have more time!


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  1. Michelle
    Nov 28, 2010 @ 08:10:01

    Have never made it there. Mainly because it is somewhere you have to pay to enter and Kew used to be free to HEors so we went there. Also so many free to enter museums we haven’t fully explored as yet. Sounds good though.


  2. HelenHaricot
    Dec 07, 2010 @ 00:36:20

    it’s free in winter tho 🙂


  3. Michelle
    Dec 08, 2010 @ 22:54:13

    oh. didnae know that. It is open on the Night Museum night and I have wanted to go each year as think it would be good in twilight but C didnt.


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