Christmas 2010

Christmas Eve managed to get away from work at 1.30pm, Wayne had cooked lunch and the girls had fun following clues that had been hidden round the house to lead them to a Christmas Eve surprise – a trip to the cinema to watch The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, the third in the Narnia series and we were not disappointed. Fabulous film.

Arrived home, had a snacky tea, the girls set out hand-made chocolates and mince pies and milk for Santa with a carrot and apple for Rudolph and were keen to get to bed reasonably early.

Spending Christmas Day at Mum and Dad’s so it was quite nice not to have to prepare veg etc on Christmas Eve although i did miss not decorating the table all Christmasy so decided to jazz it up a bit ready for breakfast on Christmas morning with some christmas table confetti 🙂

Christmas Day Wayne and I finally went to bed around 1.20am after sending the girls back to bed on numerous occasions and having to tell them to settle down, really what was I thinking, Christmas Eve, settle down, honestly!!! Last time I looked at the clock it was 1.39am. At 2am minutes after dozing off, we were woken by the sound of unwrapping, giggling, chatting, ‘….a cross stitch kit..oohh look….’! Crept into our room to show us their stocking gifts and after having a quick look, promptly sent them back to bed! I think we managed to stay in bed until 6.30am then we made our way downstairs to see what delights Santa had left 🙂

Christmas And New Year 2010 105 Christmas And New Year 2010 106

Christmas And New Year 2010 121 Christmas And New Year 2010 119

The girls were very pleased with all their presents. Their main one being Skipper, they also received some board games, sylvanian stuff, Dr Who’s sonic screwdriver for Poppy :), DVDs (Merlin Series 1), Toy Story 3, CDs, crochet kit and various other bits.

The girls had painted Wayne and I some pictures on canvas earlier in December but were so proud of their work, couldn’t wait to given them to us so we already had our pressies, although they had very sweetly spent their pocket money and gave me a lovely candle and some nail varnish and Wayne received a magazine and chocolate, which had unfortunately melted as it had been put under the tree and the underfloor heating is on :D!!!

Hand painted canvas by Poppy Hand painted canvas by Skye

After breakfast we got ourselves ready, Wayne went to collect his Mum and brother and we all went to Mum and Dad’s for Christmas dinner. Unfortunately my sister and her hubby couldn’t make it because of the snow. Had a lovely afternoon with more present exchanging!

Had a lovely Christmas dinner and ate far too much! 🙂

Home and bed for the girls! We were all completely exhausted by the end but had a lovely day.

Boxing Day morning we pottered around at home, playing games before taking Skipper our for a long walk. After lunch we visited friends, exchanging pressies and stayed with them for tea. Another lovely relaxing day.

Monday declared as a pyjama day girls did some sequin art craft, played games, ordered Super Mario Bros for the wii for the girls with their Christmas money.

Tuesday more crafting and gaming, walking etc

Wednesday Wayne was back to work and i had PC trauma. Could smell burning so powered off and was unplugging it all and it started to spark and sizzle put it in the garden to cool down!

ThursdayWayne took the poorly pc into work for their IT guys to have a look at, turns out the motor had burnt out, replaced it and is working fine 🙂 Phew!

Girls and i played games, walked, baked and tidied, putting all their Christmas stuff away.

New Years Eve tomorrow – no plans, quiet night in I think.


Family and Friends

Every year for as long as I can remember, we have a family get together, usually just before Christmas, and this year was no different, except that not all our family could make it due to the heavy snow that has fallen around the country 😦 Fortunately we have only seen a sprinkling. When we were getting ready to go, Poppy said ‘I love the family Christmas do and will take my children to Auntie S’s when i’m older’ 🙂

We had a lovely evening with Uncle B bring out the huge christmas cracker for the children, filled with gifts and a clue for the start of the Christmas Treasure Hunt with a very generous reward at the end 🙂

The following day we were expecting our friends from France, N, P, G and C to arrive shortly after breakfast, however due to snowy weather conditions they didn’t get here until 2 ish! After saying our hellos and having lunch, we took Skipper and their dog Zinzi out for a walk before it got too dark. Thankfully they got on well. Spent the evening chatting and gaming which was lovely.

Christmas And New Year 2010 074

Wayne went off to work the next morning, N and I walked the dogs leaving P with the girls who were happily playing together. All too soon we said our goodbyes and they continued their journey.

Leading up to Christmas

Since returning from Christmas Camp we have had a new addition to our family. Skipper is a black lab x springer from our local animal rescue centre. He has settled in well and the girls adore him :o)

December 2010 001

We have been very busy with Christmas Crafts making tree decorations, wreaths, wine glass charms. Lots of baking, mince pies, christmas puddings, making chocolates,chutney and piccalilli. Many of the things we made were given as presents to friends and family and i think were greatly appreciated!


December 2010 043

December 2010 044

December 2010 058

December 2010 064


Christmas And New Year 2010 090 Christmas And New Year 2010 091

Artetc Merry needed to spend time at work to cope with the Christmas rush so we agreed that she would drop her girls off and we would make Christmas puddings and fimo Christmas decs which we did. They also had a giggle playing Just Dance on the wii.

Latinetc Merry dropped her girls to me early and headed back to work and we arrived at the fishes. No science as HH had a hospital appointment so we spent most of the morning making the periodic table out of fimo (1-20 anyway!) with the help of a fab stamp kit supplied by Merry.

December 2010 089

December 2010 107 December 2010 108 December 2010 109

December 2010 110 December 2010 116

Katy did latin and french with all. I dashed home in between to walk Skipper then back in time for the end of lunch, joined shortly after by HH.

After a fair amount of chat and tea drinking, Merry arrived to collect her girls, the beans and us made our way home.

Historyetc a Christmas craft themed day. After driving round trying to find somewhere that sold straw that was not all compressed into tiny pieces, finally phoned a friend who had loads that we could help ourselves to :o) On arrival at the beans, the girls got busy smashing polos and mixing with melted chocolate, pouring into some rather beautiful 12 days of christmas moulds.

December 2010 061

Whilst I, with a little help from HH, made up the wreath rings with the straw, which took FOREVER, so in the meantime HH managed to dig out some Christmas craft for everyone to get on with until I was ready!

Christmas And New Year 2010 008 Christmas And New Year 2010 009 Christmas And New Year 2010 010

So, wreaths made, additional crafting done and looking fabulous we got on with putting together the wreaths. The end results of which were gorgeous, each one different.

Christmas And New Year 2010 007 Christmas And New Year 2010 011

December 2010 063

December 2010 070

SB had judging and ceremonial medal giving which was rather sweet. Also made some lovely beaded snowflake decorations and they all helped decorate the tree in the beans playroom – ladders, children and daddybean involved so probably best I didn’t look!

Unfortunately didn’t get chance to have a look through the fabulous telescope hired by the beans but hope to revisit in January on a less cloudy evening :o)

Lots of time spent getting to know Skipper and going on long walks trying to wear him out – its working on us anyway!

Christmas Camp 2010

Our first ever Nic Camp Christmas Camp. Have been excited, nervous, scared, apprehensive, worried about it for the last few weeks i can only now ask myself WHY!??!! We had the most fantastic week and EVERYONE was just lovely.

We left home early-ish on Sunday as to take Skye to her dance exam before heading off to Devon. She was really nervous but did very well, although in all the excitement of packing to go to Christmas Camp we forgot her dance shoes 😦 Hopefully she won’t be penalised too much. So, exams done, and we’re off 🙂

Had a really good run down and arrived i think around 6 ish and were welcomed by Nic, kfish, the beans (and possibly others) and mulled wine and pot of tea 🙂 Sat chatting for a while and the girls went off to explore and play – to be honest we hardly saw them and by Tuesday morning I was feeling a bit ‘homesick’ as it felt like they were not there, only really seeing them for food and bed with periodic checking in!! How ridiculous is that! Jacket potatoes for tea and lots more chatting, tea drinking, game playing, cake eating which was pretty much the rest of the week for the adults but with plenty of group activities in between!! I became one of the Kitchen peeps for most of the week which was fab – lots of laughs – and I love being in the kitchen so suited me perfectly 🙂

Monday had a lovely geocache walk with the beans and any children who fancied a some fresh air. Unfortunately we failed to find the first cache but the daddy’s walked on to the next with those that wanted to carry on and HH and I walked back to the Hostel with the ones who were not so keen. Second cache was found as was the first one on their way back! Evening meal was HHs ‘Camp Curry’ which was delish and finished off with ‘almost 40’ birthday celebrations for J and A, 6th for BB and 8th for S. Caketastic!

I was pretty rubbish at staying up late for the rest of the week – i blame the mulled wine!

Tuesday was historyetc crafting in the style of the Phoenicians. Dying fabric purple with red cabbage, making bracelets with ‘glass’ beads as well as developing purple dye they also developed glass, created fimo tanis charms 🙂 Also made a ‘plague’ of frogs which kept many entertained for hours! Wayne along with daddybean and others took some of the children geocaching in the afternoon and i stayed behind in the kitchen to help with preparing the veggie stew and dumplings and partook in ceremonial dumpling throwing, although H and I were a little more reserved than the carnivores in this exercise!!

Wednesday was our trip to Pennywell on the coldest day of the year so far!! After everyone had enjoyed breakfast we piled into our cars and set of in convoy to the farm. We were welcomed by a sign at the entrance and then Mark the elf led us to Noah’s barn, which was FREEZING! We were lucky enough to take a look at the gorgeous Pennywell miniature piglets born only a week before, soooo cute 🙂 Had trouble warming up, despite having a zillion layers on but spotted a rather large huddle by the bouncy castle welcoming the warm air from the generator! After eating our picnic lunches in the barn we were taken to another barn, seated on bales to enjoy the Live Nativity which was fab. All the children had the opportunity to dress up and take part in the nativity, Skye was an angel and Poppy a shepherdess 🙂 Lots of carolling and laughter and a chance to warm up under the heat lamps above the seating area which was very welcome 🙂 A visit to Santa then into the cafe for mulled wine, coffee, tea and mince pies for the adults and squash and biscuits for the children.

On the way back to camp a few of us visited the Marble museum which was fab. Had lots of fun looking at the marble runs and browsing the store. Poppy bought herself one of those Metal Pin Art contraptions where the pins will stay in place leaving an image of the object in the pins. You can make a pin impression of your hand or face or capture the image of an object. Skye purchased a lovely pair of earrings 🙂

Back to camp for pasta tea, slight confusion over the veggie option but all was well in the end. Helped prep veg for the following day’s Christmas Dinner 🙂

Unfortunately was too tired to join in evening games but had a fantabulous day 🙂

Thursday Woke up to a white ‘Christmas Day’, so excited!! After breakfast a group of us adults, namely me, Wayne, Nic, Ady and Chris, joined shortly after by James, along with some of the children had a great time playing in the snow 🙂

Back into the kitchen to continue preparations for our Christmas feast, thank you to Chris for the delicious nut roast 🙂 Nic and I battled hard with the crazy oven and have scars to prove it! The ‘waiters’ did a great job of setting out tables complete with crackers and dinner was served on time, although the peas tried to ruin it 😉

After lunch we headed upstairs to huddle round the Christmas tree to exchange our Secret Santa gifts. Everyone had made such a fantastic effort. I was over the moon with my gift of crochet needles in a beautifully crocheted pouch…the giver of my SS was revealed only by the choice of wool!! 😉 Wayne received a beautifully had crafted fimo savings pot, complete with poppies and blue sky 🙂 Poppy received a cute little gold purse packed with sweets and a necklace and Skye was very happy with some lovely hand made necklaces and bracelets.

The children ushered us back downstairs to watch their play which they had spent the whole week rehearsing. Then Christmas Carols accompanied by a variety of musical instruments, cellos, violins, recorders, glocks with Helen on keys and Em doing a fine job of conducting and encouraging 🙂 I even got to play the recorder 😀

Mince pies and Christmas pud, mulled wine, chat ensued amongst packing ready for departure in the morning 😦

I’m not entirely sure what the girls did all week but they had the most amazing time, made new friendships, strengthened existing ones and were sad that the week had to come to an end.

Friday finished packing, tidying, cleaning, tea drinking, more chat, more tea drinking. Then it all went horribly wrong for the beans, with poor SB having a rather nasty accident minutes before they were due to leave meant them not dashing home but desperately locating a local emergency dentist 😦

Our drive home was mostly traffic free, did feel for Em and Matt who had broken down on the motorway 😦

Once home we unpacked car, put washing on and had a lovely cup of tea 🙂

Thank you to everyone for making us feel so much part of the ‘family’ and to Nic and Ady for the invite 🙂

Looking forward to next year!

Photos will be added just as soon as i’ve finished downloading! Had technical hitch with camera!