Leading up to Christmas

Since returning from Christmas Camp we have had a new addition to our family. Skipper is a black lab x springer from our local animal rescue centre. He has settled in well and the girls adore him :o)

December 2010 001

We have been very busy with Christmas Crafts making tree decorations, wreaths, wine glass charms. Lots of baking, mince pies, christmas puddings, making chocolates,chutney and piccalilli. Many of the things we made were given as presents to friends and family and i think were greatly appreciated!


December 2010 043

December 2010 044

December 2010 058

December 2010 064


Christmas And New Year 2010 090 Christmas And New Year 2010 091

Artetc Merry needed to spend time at work to cope with the Christmas rush so we agreed that she would drop her girls off and we would make Christmas puddings and fimo Christmas decs which we did. They also had a giggle playing Just Dance on the wii.

Latinetc Merry dropped her girls to me early and headed back to work and we arrived at the fishes. No science as HH had a hospital appointment so we spent most of the morning making the periodic table out of fimo (1-20 anyway!) with the help of a fab stamp kit supplied by Merry.

December 2010 089

December 2010 107 December 2010 108 December 2010 109

December 2010 110 December 2010 116

Katy did latin and french with all. I dashed home in between to walk Skipper then back in time for the end of lunch, joined shortly after by HH.

After a fair amount of chat and tea drinking, Merry arrived to collect her girls, the beans and us made our way home.

Historyetc a Christmas craft themed day. After driving round trying to find somewhere that sold straw that was not all compressed into tiny pieces, finally phoned a friend who had loads that we could help ourselves to :o) On arrival at the beans, the girls got busy smashing polos and mixing with melted chocolate, pouring into some rather beautiful 12 days of christmas moulds.

December 2010 061

Whilst I, with a little help from HH, made up the wreath rings with the straw, which took FOREVER, so in the meantime HH managed to dig out some Christmas craft for everyone to get on with until I was ready!

Christmas And New Year 2010 008 Christmas And New Year 2010 009 Christmas And New Year 2010 010

So, wreaths made, additional crafting done and looking fabulous we got on with putting together the wreaths. The end results of which were gorgeous, each one different.

Christmas And New Year 2010 007 Christmas And New Year 2010 011

December 2010 063

December 2010 070

SB had judging and ceremonial medal giving which was rather sweet. Also made some lovely beaded snowflake decorations and they all helped decorate the tree in the beans playroom – ladders, children and daddybean involved so probably best I didn’t look!

Unfortunately didn’t get chance to have a look through the fabulous telescope hired by the beans but hope to revisit in January on a less cloudy evening :o)

Lots of time spent getting to know Skipper and going on long walks trying to wear him out – its working on us anyway!


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