Christmas 2010

Christmas Eve managed to get away from work at 1.30pm, Wayne had cooked lunch and the girls had fun following clues that had been hidden round the house to lead them to a Christmas Eve surprise – a trip to the cinema to watch The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, the third in the Narnia series and we were not disappointed. Fabulous film.

Arrived home, had a snacky tea, the girls set out hand-made chocolates and mince pies and milk for Santa with a carrot and apple for Rudolph and were keen to get to bed reasonably early.

Spending Christmas Day at Mum and Dad’s so it was quite nice not to have to prepare veg etc on Christmas Eve although i did miss not decorating the table all Christmasy so decided to jazz it up a bit ready for breakfast on Christmas morning with some christmas table confetti 🙂

Christmas Day Wayne and I finally went to bed around 1.20am after sending the girls back to bed on numerous occasions and having to tell them to settle down, really what was I thinking, Christmas Eve, settle down, honestly!!! Last time I looked at the clock it was 1.39am. At 2am minutes after dozing off, we were woken by the sound of unwrapping, giggling, chatting, ‘….a cross stitch kit..oohh look….’! Crept into our room to show us their stocking gifts and after having a quick look, promptly sent them back to bed! I think we managed to stay in bed until 6.30am then we made our way downstairs to see what delights Santa had left 🙂

Christmas And New Year 2010 105 Christmas And New Year 2010 106

Christmas And New Year 2010 121 Christmas And New Year 2010 119

The girls were very pleased with all their presents. Their main one being Skipper, they also received some board games, sylvanian stuff, Dr Who’s sonic screwdriver for Poppy :), DVDs (Merlin Series 1), Toy Story 3, CDs, crochet kit and various other bits.

The girls had painted Wayne and I some pictures on canvas earlier in December but were so proud of their work, couldn’t wait to given them to us so we already had our pressies, although they had very sweetly spent their pocket money and gave me a lovely candle and some nail varnish and Wayne received a magazine and chocolate, which had unfortunately melted as it had been put under the tree and the underfloor heating is on :D!!!

Hand painted canvas by Poppy Hand painted canvas by Skye

After breakfast we got ourselves ready, Wayne went to collect his Mum and brother and we all went to Mum and Dad’s for Christmas dinner. Unfortunately my sister and her hubby couldn’t make it because of the snow. Had a lovely afternoon with more present exchanging!

Had a lovely Christmas dinner and ate far too much! 🙂

Home and bed for the girls! We were all completely exhausted by the end but had a lovely day.

Boxing Day morning we pottered around at home, playing games before taking Skipper our for a long walk. After lunch we visited friends, exchanging pressies and stayed with them for tea. Another lovely relaxing day.

Monday declared as a pyjama day girls did some sequin art craft, played games, ordered Super Mario Bros for the wii for the girls with their Christmas money.

Tuesday more crafting and gaming, walking etc

Wednesday Wayne was back to work and i had PC trauma. Could smell burning so powered off and was unplugging it all and it started to spark and sizzle put it in the garden to cool down!

ThursdayWayne took the poorly pc into work for their IT guys to have a look at, turns out the motor had burnt out, replaced it and is working fine 🙂 Phew!

Girls and i played games, walked, baked and tidied, putting all their Christmas stuff away.

New Years Eve tomorrow – no plans, quiet night in I think.


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