Happy Birthday to me and the rest of the week!

Christmas And New Year 2010 290

Had a very relaxing happy birthday. Girls had been up sometime before me, when I went downstairs, the floor was covered in teeny balloons as they could only find water balloons! and they sang ‘Happy Birthday’ and performed a little dance they had rehearsed, very sweet

Whilst I de-Christmased the house, with the help of Skye, Poppy made me a birthday cake 🙂

Christmas And New Year 2010 305

Had visits from family during the morning and went for a very lovely long walk from Skipper calling into a friends for tea and biscuits 🙂

Once home, relaxed playing games and watched a film.

The following day we pottered around in the morning, had a quick walk before Mum and Dad arrived ready to go to a local Chinese buffet restaurant for lunch to celebrate mine and Poppy’s birthdays 🙂
Very delish 🙂

In the evening we watched Clash of the Titans, played some games.

The rest of the week we were trying to ease gently into some kind of routine after spending most of December crafting 🙂

Tuesday Read through RS4K Ch 3 Chemical Reactions in preparation for latinetc and made flash cards to help them to remember the different types of reactions.

Poppy scanned through Minimus Latin to recap and Skye worked on catching up with her Latin vocab.

Skye and I sat down and looked through the first chapter of Biology for You book and both girls did mathletics. In between all of which we took Skipper for a walk 🙂

Wednesday took Skipper for a quick walk before going to Latinetc looked at reactions with HH which they loved 🙂 Feels like proper science when they have to wear lab coats and gloves 😉 Mixed two household items together to test the reaction, used vinegar, epsom salts, egg, bicarb and milk.

Latin and French with Katy, Poppy did recorder with Gina and apparently didn’t do particularly well and has promised to herself that she will practice more, we’ll see! I chose a fun simple craft creating self portraits using bold colours and exaggerated features.

Once home girls watched RI lectures on iPlayer which they seemed to enjoy and played Top Trumps together.

Thursday at Nana’s they watched more RI lectures and especially enjoyed the one where they had to experiment with chocolate! I left them a list of two or three things I wanted them to do, reading, mathletics and french and was very surprised that they had done all of these things which included making up a short play in French, researching the vocab on the internet. Was lovely 🙂

Skye is quite a reluctant reader of fiction but has started to read James Paterson’s Witch and Wizard and is loving it! Think she just needed a change of genre!

Friday they recreated some of the experiments they did at latinetc, mathletics, reading and walking.

Over the weekend we had a visit from my sister, Jo and brother in law, Colin, trying to decide on birthday present for Dad’s 60th later this month. Won’t mention anymore just in case he reads this – I know Mum does 😉 They left shortly after lunch and we went for a walk. Also went shopping for Poppy’s birthday present and baked her a birthday cake. Sunday evening after Poppy had gone to bed Skye helped me decorate the room and blow up proper sized balloons 😉 ready for Poppy’s birthday tomorrow 🙂

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  1. Michelle
    Jan 15, 2011 @ 19:15:23

    chocolate science. think bfish pointed me to this link: http://www.thenakedscientists.com/HTML/content/kitchenscience/exp/how-useless-is-a-chocolate-teapot/

    there are some fantastic experiments there but i particularly like that one.


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