Double Figures!

Happy 10th Birthday Poppy πŸ™‚

December 2010 211

Finding it hard to believe that my baby girl is 10 years old, where have the years gone? Its days like today that i am so happy that we home educate, I have realised that whilst they were at school I didn’t really know my girls and now I feel I know them better, have a better relationship and although some days are stressful its altogether a better life for us all.

Anyway, back to Poppy’s day. Came into my room at 4.30am, obviously very excited so sent her back to bed. Back in again at 5.15 saying she couldn’t get back to sleep and could she have a bath! Obviously yes if it got me another half an hour in bed! So, after her bath we went downstairs to balloons and banners and a stackful of presents and cards.

She received some lovely pressies, earings, headband and rings, dressing gown, bracelet, tights, gel saddle for her bike, a gorgeous bag to put her crochet things along with crochet needles and a personalised crochet book as well as lots of money! They enjoyed playing Poppy’s new wii game, Cranium Kabooki πŸ™‚

Our present to Pops was for her to have her ears pierced as Skye did when she was 10 and an extra treat was to spend the morning at the local Raptor Foundation My friend S and her little boy J came for an hour and had lunch with us then went home leaving us to watch the demonstration, where we were the only ones and so got our own personal show.The girls asked lots of questions and loved it, despite it being very cold. Hightlight was that they got to hold Whizz the Barn Owl πŸ™‚ Might look into their Junior Raptor Club.

December 2010 153 December 2010 176

December 2010 182 December 2010 172

Back home for lunch and a visit from Nana then off to have her ears pierced. She was very brave πŸ™‚

December 2010 188

Home again, made veggie lasagne for tea. Yum πŸ™‚

Had birthday cake and watched another episode from the first series of Merlin DVD πŸ™‚

December 2010 203

Poppy had a lovely day and went to bed a very happy 10 year old πŸ™‚

December 2010 215

We love you Poppy x


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