Keeping up… far so good!

After spending almost ALL of Saturday catching up on blogging Sunday was mostly PC free 🙂 Had a trip into town to the library – was surprised it opens on a Sunday but thankfully for us it was. Picked up a copy of My Name is Mina which i had requested and the girls chose some books to assist with projects; Skye is looking at 60s fashion and Poppy got various cookery books out as she is apparently going to cook for us a few times this week 🙂

Back home the girls played together upstairs; they have converted one of the spare rooms into a shop

December 2010 093

…especially love the footnote ‘Terms and Conditions – selected products only. Sale ends 3 Feb 2011. See you soon’

Skye has been transforming old clothes to make new ones to sell and Poppy has her own section doing hair and make-up 🙂

Monday Read a little more of Story of the World, currently up to Ch 5 so a little way to go to get caught up but hopefully reading a little bit each day will be ready for next week!

Poppy spent ages on recorder practice. Was doing ok but getting herself a bit stressed with it so i tried to help but as i can only play by ear and don’t read music, wasn’t helping much 😦 Sought help from You Tube to get the tune, which helped me and then I was able to help her!

Skye went off somewhere quiet to read and Poppy scanned through the recipe books to see what delights she is going to cook up this week! 🙂

Maths for Poppy – sad that she is almost at the end of her ‘Using Maths be a Zoo Vet’ book 😦 They both really love using these books. We have about six of them, not sure how many are in the set but will have to look out for more, although think Skye needs something a little more challenging but not scarily so! These books have certainly helped to build her confidence with maths as has mathletics which they have also used today.

After lunch we spent the afternoon at Merry’s. Whilst the girls busied themselves with lego and role playing games Merry and I spent a couple of hours planning for the next few weeks, but to be honest we have so many ideas it will probably last the year! We brain stormed things we would like to do working on an architecture theme – feels good to have a plan 🙂

Took the girls to dance, then off to the cinema to watch preview of the new Disney film, Tangled. Was very fab and would recommend 🙂

Tuesday Poppy up bright and early making doughnuts to take to latinetc tomorrow and selected some things from her tick list she wants to achieve today, starting with recorder practice 🙂 Skye up slightly later than usual and took a while to get herself motivated 😦 After some encouragement she finally had a look at her tick list and went off to read – reluctantly stopping to take the dog for a walk! Played a lovely game of French lotto together and they did a good job with pronunciation and remembering new, unfamiliar words 🙂 Played a few games of the word game ‘Boggle’ which was fun.

They spent ages snuggled up on the sofa together doing a literacy quiz, filling in the gaps with the right words to complete sentences 🙂

I purchased the original version of Ticket to Ride on ebay yesterday and it arrived today so after walking Skye to Scouts, Wayne, Pops and I had a game. I lost by a lot but I love it! 🙂 Re-match tomorrow!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kirsty
    Jan 19, 2011 @ 22:12:26

    They do a red series of the using maths books that are for older kids. I think Michelle has them.


  2. Michelle
    Jan 20, 2011 @ 18:37:22

    i do :-). Less one that I gave away to someone once.


  3. lecielrouge
    Jan 20, 2011 @ 22:26:18

    We do have some red ones, didn’t realise they were for older ones! The blue ones state 8-12 years but the red ones don’t state an age! Oh well, Poppy and Skye using both red and blue! Might have a look at your collection though Michelle to see if you have any that we haven’t and vice versa and do a swap if that’s ok with you??


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