New recruits!

What else have we been up to this week…

Thursday Wayne swapped his working days round this week to accommodate meetings and so was off today instead. A work day for me though so after i had walked the dog off I went.

They spent a couple of hours on Geography – not a subject we have really touched on before as just haven’t really come across anything to follow, however we got one of the BBC Geography books from the library to have a look through. They found it a bit boring apparently!

In the afternoon, Wayne took them ice skating (he watched, they skated!) which is a weekly event organised by a local home ed group. The girls had a great time! They haven’t been skating for a long long time and Poppy found it a bit tricky at first but was ‘rescued’ by some lovely children whom she had never met and they helped her round the ice until she was confident enough to go it alone! Apparently by the end of the session they were practically racing round!

Followed with a visit to Nanny to collect Poppy’s birthday presents, new pjs and a dress 🙂

I arrived home shortly before them, after tea a friend of mine from the village popped round with her 12 year old daughter as she was seriously thinking about home education and wanted to have a chat about it, so we did and she has made the decision to remove C immediately! Skye and Poppy are very happy and it will be lovely to have someone so so close for the girls to work alongside. She also has a son who seems happy at school but is going to leave the decision to him whether or not he wants to leave, which she suspects he will! That’s two other families in our village now who have taken the leap to home ed!

Friday took the girls to Mum’s, my Dad is in bed very poorly with flu type thing – he is never ever ill and never ever has a day off work so he must be really poorly 😦 Girls spent the day sorting through her sewing box, working through their maths books, reading, drawing and watched a dvd. I collected them then spent the evening with our lovely friends P & S, whom we haven’t seen for absolutely ages! Had a lovely evening catching up.

Saturday morning did some houseworky things, shuffled some furniture from one room to another, girls played on the Wii for a bit. Mum popped in and i helped her sort her pressie out to my Dad for his 60th Birthday on Wednesday 🙂 Took girls into town as they had some Claire’s vouchers for Christmas/Poppy’s birthday. Managed to get themselves some bargains to they were happy 🙂

Back home, prepared a veg curry for Sunday as we have planned to meet the Beans for geocaching then back here for something to eat so very much looking forward to that 🙂

Watched THREE more episodes from Merlin! Really, really do need to get Series 2 ordered!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ali
    Jan 23, 2011 @ 11:31:54

    All sounds lovely, great to have another HE family living nearby


  2. HelenHaricot
    Jan 24, 2011 @ 19:01:35

    v lovely to have another home ed family so close 🙂


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