Artetc – Architecture #3

Unfortunately the aftermath of early mornings and late nights took its toll on us all a little today 😦

Both girls out of bed much later than usual but still not late enough I feel!

Merry has come up with some great things to try over the next few weeks following our architecture theme, focusing on perspective. But before starting on that, Skye and Fran went off with Merry to recap on Biology chapter from last week as neither of them had completed the ‘homework’ questions from last week. Did an experiment osmosis in potato cells investigation which Skye wants to do again this week so she can record data 🙂

So, onto art – for today we had a go at drawing cubes. Unfortunately P was vocally grumpy and S was quietly slouchy which made me a mix of both I think so not sure anything I was doing or helping with was particularly useful 😦 However, despite this, the first session worked v well for all, encouraged shading and drawing them from different perspectives and they all adapted this skill to create some lovely perspective drawings.

february 2011 127 february 2011 131

february 2011 135

Inspired once again by art projects for kids website, we progressed with the session moving onto one point perspective drawing.

february 2011 138 february 2011 141

Some of the girls who had worked particularly well and quickly, moved onto drawing a house with roof etc in perspective, basically pulling together skills learned today. They all ended up doing some lovely artwork.

february 2011 144

february 2011 145

Once Merry and the girls had left we took Skipper out for a walk and the girls came back and spent the next hour or so laying on the sofa reading 🙂

Didn’t send Skye to dance – far too tired and she has Scouts Swimming Gala on Saturday and they are training at 8pm tonight so needs to conserve energy – another late night 😦

Poppy and I did some brain training on the ds before she went to bed – asleep within minutes. Poor Skye went off swimming, returning home at 9.30 in bed by 9.45 asleep by 10! 🙂

Hoping for a better day tomorrow 🙂


Triple Birthday Celebration and then another one!

After two very hectic days at work two very hectic days followed!

Saturday was Poppy shared her birthday party with SB and Maddy and were having an inflatables pool party! 🙂 The morning was spent icing Poppy’s birthday cake – she had requested a patchwork cake so i did my best, it being the first time i have iced a cake with anything other than butter icing! Actually that’s not true – I made Skye’s first birthday cake too 🙂 Usually I leave birthday cake making to my Auntie but unfortunately had forgotten to put our request in. Decorating turned out rather well, just a shame the cake had sunk in the middle 😦 Poppy loved it so that was good enough for me 🙂

Poppy wrapped the gorgeous presents she had lovingly made for SB and Maddy

Poppy Elinor and Maddy's birthday party - february 2011 007

…then it was a dash into town to pick up pizzas, candles, paper plates and glasses then onto the beans to prepare for the party 🙂 After much chatter in between arrival of guests at the beans we headed off to the pool, meeting some friends there and others following in convoy. All the kids (and adults) had a fab time getting lots of turns racing each other down the inflatable, some making it further than others but having sooo much fun! 🙂 Poppy loved it!

Back at the beans where the younger ones had been happily decorating cakes and trampolining, pizza was cooked and served to 40 ravenous children, along with a selection of party food followed by singing ‘happy birthdays’ and cake 🙂

Poppy Elinor and Maddy's birthday party - february 2011 014 Poppy Elinor and Maddy's birthday party - february 2011 013

Poppy Elinor and Maddy's birthday party - february 2011 068 Poppy Elinor and Maddy's birthday party - february 2011 073

Lots of present exchanging, Poppy received some fabulously gorgeous gifts, including thoughtfully home made ones such as a photo frame, soap, bracelet, dragon medallion, bags – one with hand painted stones and shells in 🙂 – chocolates, as well as watercolour paints, trinket box, an Oricana, notebook and pencils.

Poppy Elinor and Maddy's birthday party - february 2011 118 Poppy Elinor and Maddy's birthday party - february 2011 115 Poppy Elinor and Maddy's birthday party - february 2011 087

Children played beautifully, HH had made camp curry for the adults which was yummy 🙂

Poppy had a fantastic time, loved all of her gifts and especially loved spending time with her friends, as did we.

Home, exhausted, bed.

Sunday up early and to Centre Parcs for the day to celebrate my friend S’s 40th. Parked up, meeting up with other friends and eventually found our way to S & D’s chalet. Had a celebratory pink fizzy drink before an all you can eat buffet brunch which was fantastic – everything you could imagine….croissants, muffins, doughnuts, waffles, cake, fresh fruit, chocolate fountain, cooked breakfast, tea and coffee, fruit juice….just amazing! Needless to say we went completely mad and ate far too much! S was v pleased with her pressies. After brunch we went swimming – loved the rapids although I sustained two injuries, nothing too severe, bump to the back of the head and one to the knee, but injuries all the same! 😦 Girls had the most fabulous time and reluctantly left the pool after about 3 1/2 hrs!

The men took all the children back to the chalet for tea whilst us girls went for cocktails 🙂 Was lovely 🙂

Joined everyone back at the chalet for Thai curry, drinks and birthday cake :). Children watched Despicable Me on dvd whilst we ate and chatted. Then pjs on, walked back to the car – which was miles away – home v v late!

So rather a busy weekend but lovely to spend time with so many friends!

Twilight at the Museum

Miserable rainy day 😦

Skye started off on CP then swiftly onto Mathletics 🙂 Poppy was busy on Pivot, shortly joined by Skye 🙂

Poppy and i did some experimental baking whilst Skye went through BBC Bitesize topic on cells to tie in with the Biology she has been doing with Merry. They both created a wildlife park on CBBC Roar website and have been happily looking after and breeding animals 🙂

After reading on ff threads, realised it was Twilight at the Museum tonight, I had told the girls about it ages ago so we decided we would make the effort to go despite the rain 😦

Decided best way to get into the city was to park and ride so that’s what we did. Once in, I completely lost my bearings and couldn’t picture how to get to the museums!! So after walking the scenic route eventually spotted the Zoology museum so decided to do that first, although intention was to do Sedgwick first. Anyhoo, queued in the rain for about 30 mins then we were in. Had text from the Beans who were queuing for Sedgwick! Had fun walking round looking at skeletons in torchlight although not as dark as we had hoped!

As we made our way to Sedgwick, bumped into the beans who were a rather long way back in the queue for zoology. A quick chat then onto join the rather long queue for Sedgwick 😦 To cut a long story short text and call from Helen persuaded us to leave queue and join them at the Whipple museum round the corner with no queue – yay!! 😀 Girls were v happy to be reunited with friends including the fishes and had fun completing a treasure hunt round the museum. All in all it turned out to be a lovely evening. Wet and cold but lovely 🙂

Twilight at the Museum - february 2011 057 Twilight at the Museum - february 2011 059

Twilight at the Museum - february 2011 050 Twilight at the Museum - february 2011 038

Twilight at the Museum - february 2011 011 Twilight at the Museum - february 2011 009

Artetc – Architecture 2

We were joined today by 3/4 of the beans as well as Merry and girls for artetc today. After a quick chat for the adults and play for the children we began with Skye and Fran going off with Merry for Biology whilst Helen and I started on the art.

We did two projects today, one being drawing out a street scene, getting them to be a little bit creative with shaping windows I then cut out the windows and doors with a craft knife and strips of coloured tissue paper were applied behind the holes 🙂

Artetc - architecture 2 feb 2011 012 Artetc - architecture 2 feb 2011 018

Artetc - architecture 2 feb 2011 023

Second one was to do some crayon rubbings to get different effects, sketch out a row of buildings and cut blocks of the coloured rubbings to each building. Unfortunately the latter didn’t work terribly well but we had a go.

Artetc - architecture 2 feb 2011 004 Artetc - architecture 2 feb 2011 002

Artetc - architecture 2 feb 2011 011 Artetc - architecture 2 feb 2011 015

Artetc - architecture 2 feb 2011 017

We finished off with decorating party favour boxes and making fimo key rings and charms to go inside them for SBs, Ps and Ms birthday party this weekend. Merry and the girls left, taking Skye with them so Wayne could pick her up from theirs as they were going to the cinema. Helen stayed on for a bit more fimo-ing and chatting and we had a quick tea together.

Once the Beans had left, Poppy and I took Skipper for a lovely long walk, in the rain! Wayne and Skye arrived home from the cinema and said the film ‘I am Number Four’ was fab 🙂

Sent girls off to bed and they were asleep within minutes!

I caught up on watching Masterchef – loving that its back but sure I’m not too keen on the new selection process – all feels a bit x-factor!

A bit more of a round up!

Monday artetc blogged here

Tuesday the girls spent the day at Mum and Dad’s as I needed to swap my working days this week as M&D are off to London on Thursday/Friday. Poppy made some ‘Victorian’ exfoliator which she used on my hands and gave me a lovely had massage at the same time 🙂

Wednesday latinetc blogged here

Thursday morning popped to H’s for a coffee and whilst we chatted and admired her new delivery of books the girls spent some time with C checking on the chickens 🙂 After lunch I took the girls ice skating, an event regularly organised by our local HE group. The girls had a great time!

Ice Skating - Pboro HE group 013 Ice Skating - Pboro HE group 011

Ice Skating - Pboro HE group 009 Ice Skating - Pboro HE group 015

Friday before I had left for work Poppy had already started cutting out material to make a doll. By the time I arrived home the girls had made some fantastic dolls and Wayne had made a not so fantastic dinner but I really do appreciate the effort 😉

2011-02-18 17.15.23

Saturday was the Gees Bye Then Party which I will blog separately

Sunday had a family day in. Poppy spent all day making birthday presents for M and SB and they are absolutely fabulous. Won’t post photos yet – don’t want to spoil the surprise. Skye tried to make a sock cat but got frustrated with it and gave up – she threw it away but I retrieved it from the recycling and put it away for another day – what she has already done is actually very good but just needs a bit of tweaking 🙂

Late afternoon took the dog out for a long walk then home to watch more Merlin 🙂

Monday artetc will be blogged separately

Tuesday had Skye started with Mathletics and Poppy has decided to have a go at writing a story as part of Radio 2s 500 words – will she finish it?? who knows but I hope she does 🙂

Whilst Poppy was busy writing, I sat with Skye and we caught up a bit on GP French.

Whilst prepping lunch I was subjected to endless cheesy line dancing songs, Billy Ray Cyrus, Steps among other things as Skye recreated dances LovelyEm was teaching them on Saturday at the Gees party!

After lunch we watched bbc’s Madagascar which was fab. Then girls disappeared upstairs fashion designing and taking photos of some of the outfits Skye has created 🙂

Poppy was going to make dinner but it was getting late so we had something quick and took Skipper out for a walk practising french and latin vocab on the way round. Lots of fun and giggles 🙂

Back home we watched Merlin special features dvd before sending the girls off to bed and I am blogging whilst waiting for Wayne to return home from the cinema – think he’s gone to see True Grit.

…and he’s back – film was very good apparently 🙂

The Gees ‘Bye Then’ Party

In our short time home educating we have been lucky enough to have got to know some wonderful people. Some of our newest friends have decided to bravely pack in their jobs, homes and everyday life to start an adventure of a lifetime WWOOFing round the UK. Saturday was their ‘bye then’ party.

Picking up M & M en route we were some of the first to arrive at the hall but as the afternoon progressed, more and more of our new found friends arrived. LovelyEm did some fab line dancing with children and adults, i took along face paints. Everyone took food and drink – was so much food and some lovely cakes 🙂 They seemed thrilled with their gifts, a vinyl table cloth covered with photos of each of us so we can travel with them 😉 and a Kindle.

The evening ended back at their house for more chatting, laughing, eating and drinking then the long journey home, dropping M&M back on the way. An added bonus spending time with them as we haven’t seen much of them in the past 6 months ;(

We wish them a safe and happy journey 🙂

Latinetc – acid based titration

5100713374_15a1d378ef_b Working from a new timetable today although it went slightly wibbly in the afternoon but on the whole worked well. Merry dropped her girls off with me and stayed behind at ours (with Skipper) to work whilst we went onto latinetc. Her leaving our house to join us later is quite possibly a blog post all in itself!! I’ll leave that one to Merry 😉

Science with Helen was titrating acids and bases working from Chapter 5 of RS4K. I managed to catch the Rutherfords session and the challenge was on to make purple and not over do the ammonia to get green! All terribly exciting! 🙂 Especially liked the completion of worksheets complete with graph!

Latinetc -  acid based titration 015 Latinetc -  acid based titration 016

I decided on paper weaving for art. I had pre-cut templates and strips of newspaper, magazines and coloured card and paper to make life a little easier, especially for the van goghs 🙂 The Picassos and Monets did a great job and each created rather different designs.

Latinetc -  acid based titration 036 Latinetc -  acid based titration 012

Latinetc -  acid based titration 006 Latinetc -  acid based titration 034

Poppy did recorder and whilst latin, french and other things were going on in other rooms I read lots and lots of books to the little ones – took me back to my Montessori days; I miss reading to little ones 🙂

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