Artetc – Valentine’s Day

Girls started the morning off with some mathletics – Poppy needed some help with prime factors and Skye is working well through many of the tasks she is less comfortable with and seems to be doing pretty well 🙂

We were joined by Merry and co mid morning and the girls played very nicely together – Merry and I took advantage of this and drank tea and planned next weeks artetc, aren’t we good 😉

So, after a while Merry took Skye and Fran off to work through their biology – Skye impressed Merry with her homework 😉 Whilst they were busy with that, we got out the fabric paints and they got busy decorating their lab coats – it was interesting watching the themes develop and they all looked fab.

Artetc - Valentines Day 2011 010 Artetc - Valentines Day 2011 009

After lunch we started our first art session, taking the Valentine theme and inspired yet again by the art projects for kids website, i had prepared an A4 sheet with 15 hearts drawn out in three rows of 5 (I love carbon paper ;)) and using white along with primary colours red and blue poster paints, their objective was to mix the paints to create a medley of colours and shades then outline each heart filling it with a contrasting colour. I really loved these.

Artetc - Valentines Day 2011 025

Phase two was based on a kandinsky-esque style, creating concentric hearts! Basically we folded an A4 sheet to create six squares, then using a precut template drew a heart inside each square. We used oil pastels to colour in the hearts and then washed over with watered down poster paints.

Artetc - Valentines Day 2011 027

Time for a bit more playing before Skye went off with Merry and co to dance. Poppy and I tidied the house then I took Skipper for a walk with Poppy racing ahead on her bike 🙂

The sun has been flooding into our family room all day, with a brief moment of cloud cover where it seemed as though someone had literally turned a light off! I couldn’t believe how mild it was today in comparison to last week! I love being out in the fresh air 🙂

So, back home prepared spicy chickpea thingy for tea along with a veg chili so everyone had a choice for dinner with leftovers to go in the freezer 🙂

Watched 7th episode from second series of Merlin and had I not known Gaius and Merlin lived on to series three, I would have cried!


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