Latinetc – acid based titration

5100713374_15a1d378ef_b Working from a new timetable today although it went slightly wibbly in the afternoon but on the whole worked well. Merry dropped her girls off with me and stayed behind at ours (with Skipper) to work whilst we went onto latinetc. Her leaving our house to join us later is quite possibly a blog post all in itself!! I’ll leave that one to Merry 😉

Science with Helen was titrating acids and bases working from Chapter 5 of RS4K. I managed to catch the Rutherfords session and the challenge was on to make purple and not over do the ammonia to get green! All terribly exciting! 🙂 Especially liked the completion of worksheets complete with graph!

Latinetc -  acid based titration 015 Latinetc -  acid based titration 016

I decided on paper weaving for art. I had pre-cut templates and strips of newspaper, magazines and coloured card and paper to make life a little easier, especially for the van goghs 🙂 The Picassos and Monets did a great job and each created rather different designs.

Latinetc -  acid based titration 036 Latinetc -  acid based titration 012

Latinetc -  acid based titration 006 Latinetc -  acid based titration 034

Poppy did recorder and whilst latin, french and other things were going on in other rooms I read lots and lots of books to the little ones – took me back to my Montessori days; I miss reading to little ones 🙂


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