A bit more of a round up!

Monday artetc blogged here

Tuesday the girls spent the day at Mum and Dad’s as I needed to swap my working days this week as M&D are off to London on Thursday/Friday. Poppy made some ‘Victorian’ exfoliator which she used on my hands and gave me a lovely had massage at the same time 🙂

Wednesday latinetc blogged here

Thursday morning popped to H’s for a coffee and whilst we chatted and admired her new delivery of books the girls spent some time with C checking on the chickens 🙂 After lunch I took the girls ice skating, an event regularly organised by our local HE group. The girls had a great time!

Ice Skating - Pboro HE group 013 Ice Skating - Pboro HE group 011

Ice Skating - Pboro HE group 009 Ice Skating - Pboro HE group 015

Friday before I had left for work Poppy had already started cutting out material to make a doll. By the time I arrived home the girls had made some fantastic dolls and Wayne had made a not so fantastic dinner but I really do appreciate the effort 😉

2011-02-18 17.15.23

Saturday was the Gees Bye Then Party which I will blog separately

Sunday had a family day in. Poppy spent all day making birthday presents for M and SB and they are absolutely fabulous. Won’t post photos yet – don’t want to spoil the surprise. Skye tried to make a sock cat but got frustrated with it and gave up – she threw it away but I retrieved it from the recycling and put it away for another day – what she has already done is actually very good but just needs a bit of tweaking 🙂

Late afternoon took the dog out for a long walk then home to watch more Merlin 🙂

Monday artetc will be blogged separately

Tuesday had Skye started with Mathletics and Poppy has decided to have a go at writing a story as part of Radio 2s 500 words – will she finish it?? who knows but I hope she does 🙂

Whilst Poppy was busy writing, I sat with Skye and we caught up a bit on GP French.

Whilst prepping lunch I was subjected to endless cheesy line dancing songs, Billy Ray Cyrus, Steps among other things as Skye recreated dances LovelyEm was teaching them on Saturday at the Gees party!

After lunch we watched bbc’s Madagascar which was fab. Then girls disappeared upstairs fashion designing and taking photos of some of the outfits Skye has created 🙂

Poppy was going to make dinner but it was getting late so we had something quick and took Skipper out for a walk practising french and latin vocab on the way round. Lots of fun and giggles 🙂

Back home we watched Merlin special features dvd before sending the girls off to bed and I am blogging whilst waiting for Wayne to return home from the cinema – think he’s gone to see True Grit.

…and he’s back – film was very good apparently 🙂


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