Artetc – Architecture #3

Unfortunately the aftermath of early mornings and late nights took its toll on us all a little today 😦

Both girls out of bed much later than usual but still not late enough I feel!

Merry has come up with some great things to try over the next few weeks following our architecture theme, focusing on perspective. But before starting on that, Skye and Fran went off with Merry to recap on Biology chapter from last week as neither of them had completed the ‘homework’ questions from last week. Did an experiment osmosis in potato cells investigation which Skye wants to do again this week so she can record data 🙂

So, onto art – for today we had a go at drawing cubes. Unfortunately P was vocally grumpy and S was quietly slouchy which made me a mix of both I think so not sure anything I was doing or helping with was particularly useful 😦 However, despite this, the first session worked v well for all, encouraged shading and drawing them from different perspectives and they all adapted this skill to create some lovely perspective drawings.

february 2011 127 february 2011 131

february 2011 135

Inspired once again by art projects for kids website, we progressed with the session moving onto one point perspective drawing.

february 2011 138 february 2011 141

Some of the girls who had worked particularly well and quickly, moved onto drawing a house with roof etc in perspective, basically pulling together skills learned today. They all ended up doing some lovely artwork.

february 2011 144

february 2011 145

Once Merry and the girls had left we took Skipper out for a walk and the girls came back and spent the next hour or so laying on the sofa reading 🙂

Didn’t send Skye to dance – far too tired and she has Scouts Swimming Gala on Saturday and they are training at 8pm tonight so needs to conserve energy – another late night 😦

Poppy and I did some brain training on the ds before she went to bed – asleep within minutes. Poor Skye went off swimming, returning home at 9.30 in bed by 9.45 asleep by 10! 🙂

Hoping for a better day tomorrow 🙂


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