Triple Birthday Celebration and then another one!

After two very hectic days at work two very hectic days followed!

Saturday was Poppy shared her birthday party with SB and Maddy and were having an inflatables pool party! 🙂 The morning was spent icing Poppy’s birthday cake – she had requested a patchwork cake so i did my best, it being the first time i have iced a cake with anything other than butter icing! Actually that’s not true – I made Skye’s first birthday cake too 🙂 Usually I leave birthday cake making to my Auntie but unfortunately had forgotten to put our request in. Decorating turned out rather well, just a shame the cake had sunk in the middle 😦 Poppy loved it so that was good enough for me 🙂

Poppy wrapped the gorgeous presents she had lovingly made for SB and Maddy

Poppy Elinor and Maddy's birthday party - february 2011 007

…then it was a dash into town to pick up pizzas, candles, paper plates and glasses then onto the beans to prepare for the party 🙂 After much chatter in between arrival of guests at the beans we headed off to the pool, meeting some friends there and others following in convoy. All the kids (and adults) had a fab time getting lots of turns racing each other down the inflatable, some making it further than others but having sooo much fun! 🙂 Poppy loved it!

Back at the beans where the younger ones had been happily decorating cakes and trampolining, pizza was cooked and served to 40 ravenous children, along with a selection of party food followed by singing ‘happy birthdays’ and cake 🙂

Poppy Elinor and Maddy's birthday party - february 2011 014 Poppy Elinor and Maddy's birthday party - february 2011 013

Poppy Elinor and Maddy's birthday party - february 2011 068 Poppy Elinor and Maddy's birthday party - february 2011 073

Lots of present exchanging, Poppy received some fabulously gorgeous gifts, including thoughtfully home made ones such as a photo frame, soap, bracelet, dragon medallion, bags – one with hand painted stones and shells in 🙂 – chocolates, as well as watercolour paints, trinket box, an Oricana, notebook and pencils.

Poppy Elinor and Maddy's birthday party - february 2011 118 Poppy Elinor and Maddy's birthday party - february 2011 115 Poppy Elinor and Maddy's birthday party - february 2011 087

Children played beautifully, HH had made camp curry for the adults which was yummy 🙂

Poppy had a fantastic time, loved all of her gifts and especially loved spending time with her friends, as did we.

Home, exhausted, bed.

Sunday up early and to Centre Parcs for the day to celebrate my friend S’s 40th. Parked up, meeting up with other friends and eventually found our way to S & D’s chalet. Had a celebratory pink fizzy drink before an all you can eat buffet brunch which was fantastic – everything you could imagine….croissants, muffins, doughnuts, waffles, cake, fresh fruit, chocolate fountain, cooked breakfast, tea and coffee, fruit juice….just amazing! Needless to say we went completely mad and ate far too much! S was v pleased with her pressies. After brunch we went swimming – loved the rapids although I sustained two injuries, nothing too severe, bump to the back of the head and one to the knee, but injuries all the same! 😦 Girls had the most fabulous time and reluctantly left the pool after about 3 1/2 hrs!

The men took all the children back to the chalet for tea whilst us girls went for cocktails 🙂 Was lovely 🙂

Joined everyone back at the chalet for Thai curry, drinks and birthday cake :). Children watched Despicable Me on dvd whilst we ate and chatted. Then pjs on, walked back to the car – which was miles away – home v v late!

So rather a busy weekend but lovely to spend time with so many friends!


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