A better day

We all managed a bit of a lie in this morning which was obviously what we needed as we all seem to be much better for it! 🙂

The girls started their day watching Deadly Art on iPlayer, followed by checking their wildlife parks on Roar, lots of Mathletics 🙂 Poppy finished and entered her 500 words story to Radio 2 – very proud of her for managing that 🙂 Poppy did some lovely little watercolour pictures with the paints she got from the Porticos 🙂 Skye did some biology and read some of the RS4K Ch 6 – need to catch up the rest in the morning!

After lunch and a walk we went djembe drumming. Fortunately there was a drum for me too – all had a fab time 🙂 It was almost a latinetc group with the beans, the fishes and gina & co there 🙂

february 2011 153

Girls made a birthday present for Lfish and watched another Deadly Art which they missed earlier today. Watched the last Merlin of Series 2 😦 Sent girls off to bed early again to read.

Latinetc tomorrow – better get organised!


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