Latinetc – Mixing it up

Latinetc thought we were not going to make it today – we have had car trouble but in the end it worked out that W was working at the HO a few miles down the road so I was able to drop him off and use his car for the day. So after a bit of faffing around and the girls making a lovely birthday present and card for Lfish

Latinetc - mixing it up and nets 002

we finally got ourselves to latinetc. After grabbing a quick cup of tea we were straight into our art session with the Monet. Looked at nets/3D shapes and they were able to identify all they were shown – what a clever lot 🙂 All chose a couple of nets to decorate, cut out and fit together. Next was some story reading to the little ones 🙂 Then in with the Picassos for more nets. Lunch and all the children had a run around on the field. The Van goghs enjoyed making their nets and bb, j and l did a great job of cutting out their nets but needed a little help gluing them together.

Latinetc - mixing it up and nets 007 Latinetc - mixing it up and nets 008

Latinetc - mixing it up and nets 029 Latinetc - mixing it up and nets 043

Science sounded fun, following on from Ch6 of real science for kids, they were seeing what a mixture was [homogeneous and heterogeneous] and what could mix [polar/charged or non charged – ie like with like]. I understand that there was lots of ammonia involved 🙂
There were lots of colourful liquids in flasks too 🙂

Girls did french and latin, Skye is struggling with latin a bit having never done it before and is a bit behind, considering swapping to secundus but we’ll see how it goes. Poppy also had recorder practice and apparently gina sets a challenge to see how many songs can be played in 5 mins – she managed 6 last time and 8 this week 🙂 And a birthday cake and sing-song for Lfish!

Latinetc - mixing it up and nets 079

Merry read Auden’s ‘O what is that sound’ to a small group which led to discussions about their thoughts and feelings about it. Skye really enjoyed this session and was keen to seek out the poem again when she got home to share it with us, prompting more discussion over dinner.

Helen did a fab singing session, teaching them the first verse of early one morning and they managed to sing it over and over gradually getting higher and higher ending one octave higher that when they started. All the kids who partook loved it!


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