Animal tracks and muddy boots

Wednesday evening the girls decided to spend the night at mum and dads to save us dropping them off on thursday.

The girls did some mathletics, lots of french – learning the songs together from the skoldo cd. Skye did some biology and finished her reading book! Woohoo!! πŸ™‚

Friday was a daddy day – did a bit more mathletics, some geography, made pizzas for lunch (with stuffed crust :)) and after lunch visited Nanny before taking Skye to her dance class.

Saturday I was up and about early so made the most of the morning sunshine and took skipper for a walk. We had decided to take an afternoon walk in some local woods to hunt for and identify animal tracks and anything else interesting, packed a bag with plaster of paris, Usborne spotters books, snacks and drinks and drove 3 miles from our house to the local woods. Unfortunately by this time it had started to rain but we went anyway. It was so muddy and had to navigate a rather steep slippery hill which got us giggling πŸ™‚ We spotted lots of deer tracks, the girls were keen to get the plaster out to make an imprint, so after circling print with card, poured in the plaster then left it whilst we continued on our walk to collect on the way back. The girls found evidence of roe deer, rabbits and badgers and identified various fungi. Although it was raining, it was lovely to be out seeing the first signs of spring – we will have to revisit the woods in a couple of weeks as I think there will be a blanket of bluebells πŸ™‚

On our way back we retrieved the plaster of paris which had set perfectly πŸ™‚

After peeling ourselves out of our muddy boots we drove round to into mum and dads round the corner for a quick cup of tea then back home.

Washed skipper down with warm water and dog shampoo – he was caked in mud 😦 but now smells lovely πŸ™‚

An information pack from the vegan society arrived today as we have been discussing ‘going vegan’ for a couple of weeks as a kind of experiment/trial. Poppy has been keen for a while to give it a go and is adamant that she will be a vegan when she is older! I think we can do it, it will just be a few changes although most of what we eat is cooked from scratch so I know exactly what is going into what we eat and can make substitutions where necessary. I have little intention of making it a permanent arrangement but as the girls are keen to give it a try we may as well.

After tea Skye had a Scout Swimming gala – she did brilliantly and the handful of girls really held their own against the boys. Skye’s relay team made the finals and came second but having two girls and one boy in their team when all the others were boys did fantastically πŸ™‚ Their troop won the gala, for the first time so they were all very very happy πŸ™‚ It was a long night and we didn’t get home until almost 10.

Sunday Wayne and the girls had planned to go to a car boot sale but it had been cancelled so went into town instead. Picked up a game, heiroglyphics and some books from the charity shop.

After lunch I took the girls folk dancing – they had a great time. I love that they have live music to dance to instead of a recording πŸ™‚ They had a ‘show and tell’ session on drums which they enjoyed too πŸ™‚ Home, another long walk with skipper, Poppy opted to go on her bike πŸ™‚

By the evening we were all rather tired so had a snuggle up on the sofa watching tv πŸ™‚


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