Artetc – Architecture #4 – Perspective

Had a lot planned in for today but before getting stuck in, took a moment to have a rummage through the fabulous art box Merry has put together for our artetc days 🙂 Everything we could ever need is there, watercolours, drawing pencil, erasers, scissors, rulers, pastels, felts, just everything 🙂

So anyway, to start the girls aim was to draw a simple house with simple perspective elements to it. The example we chose was not drawn entirely to perspective and was good to see the girls identify what was not right about it. Some even struggled to draw it incorrectly 🙂 and some couldn’t draw it incorrectly because it wasn’t right! 😉

Artetc - #4 Perspective 014

Moving on we looked at the vanishing point and recreated this drawing courtesy of art projects for kids 🙂 I love that website and all its links to other arty crafty ones 🙂



After lunch and a bit of play time, we came to the final project – I had found a found a street scene with telegraph poles and trees, focusing on both two point perspective and vanishing point but thought after all their hard work this might prove a little challenging so we simplified it a little and drew a terrace street/office block instead. Although Merry and I had to have a quick brainstorm session to remember how to do it but between us we managed to explain it enough so they could come up with some very different designs.

IMG_6548 IMG_6538


There are of course the obvious, sometimes deliberate mistakes in our drawings but on the whole they all did a great job and threw themselves into this tricky project with very pleasing results.

We made plans for future artetc days, googling examples of perspective drawings and have lots of ideas, I also dug out the architects plans for our house build so they could get an idea of how they work.

Another productive day with all the girls being pleased with their final drawings 🙂


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