not Latinetc

5100713374_15a1d378ef_b Latinetc has unfortunately come to the end of its time but there is hope we can maintain something from the things we have learned, good and bad and rebuild it into something new. In an attempt to keep things together and as ‘normal’ as possible, especially for the children, we enjoyed a relaxed day at our house! 🙂 The children had a fantastic time in each others company, playing on the wii, board games, trampolining. There was latin for those working through minimus and we had hoped to get science out too but we didn’t find the right opportunity to break up any games or socialising between the children! Had a walk to the park to run of some energy whilst Merry stayed behind to lay out fimo for those that wanted to have a play. Poppy made a fab dragon, as did Helen, prompted by the one merry had mocked up 🙂

Everyone left in dribs and drabs until it was just us and two of the beans who finished fimo-ing and went on their way.

Was a very lovely day but sad to say goodbye to latinetc.


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