Flag Fen

Sunday was unplanned but my mum mentioned that Flag Fen, a bronze age centre, was holding an open day so off we went. Were surprised but thrilled to bump into the beans so had great company on a great day out. The weather was somewhat cooler in the open fenland than at home and I was thankful that I had decided to pack coats! However as the day wore on, the sun shone. Was lovely to watch the Soay sheep and two gorgeous lambs leaping and bounding about, having escaped their enclosure!

We had a good stroll round, we listened to a fab story inside a smoky roundhouse – I’d love a roundhouse in my garden 🙂 The girls made clay pots and lavender bags. Some of the reenactors were brilliant, full of information – have to say the men seemed to be mostly asleep (except for the wood splitter)! The reason being there was little in the way of hunting and labouring to do so sleep seemed the only option! One of the most amazing things seen today was the ‘knotting’ lady who showed us a jumper made from nettles! They dry out nettle stalks, bash them until they are soft, then they are spun and used as yarn!

Had a bit of photo fun with our shadows on the bridge (pics to follow!)

Enjoyed a well earned cup of tea for the adults and ice creams for the kids at the end of a great day 🙂


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Michelle
    Mar 24, 2011 @ 00:05:13

    had a lovely day with Puddles there once.


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