Bring on the summer

What a fabulous week so far – the sun has been shining almost non-stop. Makes our days so much better 🙂

Monday morning felt we were a little slow to get going – blaming it on a busy weekend! Girls both did some mathletics and science GP for Poppy and Biology (Enzymes) for Skye. Went for a lovely dog walk – Poppy on her bike and Skye kept me company and we practiced our french 🙂 After lunch, later than i had anticipated, we went to Merrys. Girls were having fun playing with the rabbits and each other so we just left them to it whilst we chatted and admired Merrys dragons and sorted through the photo/memo holders the girls made at the end of last year to see which ones would be fit for sale.

So a cup of tea later i took the dancing girls dancing, Poppy chose to stay with Maddy and Amelie playing with rabbits 🙂 Stayed for another cup of tea when i dropped them off and then home. Tea and a walk together – Skye rescued a rather large frog from the pavement and put it in the pond round the corner. Passing others that were not quite so lucky 😦

For some reason the girls have decided that making a small fire in the garden is a good idea!! Think it has something to do with the fire in the roundhouse at flag fen. I don’t have a problem with it though, they are sensible girls and have even taken a cup of water out with them in case it ‘gets out of control’ lol!! They have found a large flat rock, collected moss and set fire to it, even made a spit over the top and roasted some courgettes! Completely inedible but fun 🙂

Tuesday morning I was very organised and prepared two evenings worth of dinners, vegetable and lentil curry and spicy chickpea thingy 🙂 The girls did more French both are really enjoying conversational French at the moment and it’s really important to me that they have a good knowledge of a second language so we are learning together 🙂 Another lovely walk in the gorgeous sunshine before lunch then off to creative writing. Today was about memory triggers, be it a sight, sound, smell. All the children went out into the garden to collect something that reminded them of something. Skye picked a basil leaf and Poppy a primrose. They were then encouraged to write a short poem about their object. Poppy was scribbling away but Skye’s creativity took a while to get going but she got there in the end and wrote a beautiful poem 🙂

My Flower by Poppy

My flower is nice
My flower is lovely
My flower reminds me of
Lots of things like
Summer days, garden centres, sweet shops, yum yum!

I love my flower, it smells so nice.

Basil the Basil by Skye

In the garden, playing with my sister
The smell of basil fills up my nose

I go into the house, my mum is cooking
The smell of basil fills up my nose

Going on holiday
Basil comes with us
The smell of basil fills up my nose.

I love basil. Its smells of home.

Left all the girls to have a play in the garden and on the Wii whilst Melanie and I had chance to chat and crochet 🙂 Had a lovely afternoon and have arranged a proper play date for Skye and Poppy with S & S 🙂

Home for tea and more fire making in the garden. Whilst i cleared away Wayne and Poppy walked Skye to Scouts (judo night) and Poppy came back with a little squeaking frog 🙂 very cute. It really was squeaking, a bit like a dog toy!

Wednesday we did more french and some geography which was looking at building a road through a forest in Ireland, arguments for and against so that was quite interesting. They worked through one of the activities to create an ideal habitat, selecting suitable trees, animals and insects.

Went for a lovely long walk, stopping off at my aunties for a cup of tea 🙂 We were telling the girls about my nan’s dog, Tiny, about how he used to know 10 minutes before my auntie arrived to pick up my nan that she was on her way. And his love of chocolate, but it had to be cadbury’s and yes I know you shouldn’t give a dog chocolate but Tiny lived a very long, happy and healthy life, just like my nan. I do miss my nan 😦

Back home, had lunch then the girls went outside to do more firelighting then sat beside it reading Greek Myths and Legends together whilst i mowed the lawn 🙂 We all wrote some poetry, including me 🙂 Skye did mathletics and Poppy did some sketching, entitled Laying Nude, a nude lady laying down (inspired by Picasso’s standing nude)!

Wayne arrived home, had tea, girls went outside again before it got too dark then jumped in the bath, Wayne walked Skipper and I blogged and downloaded photos 🙂


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  1. Michelle
    Mar 24, 2011 @ 00:08:35

    i love home ed in the summer 🙂


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