Where do the days go?

Aside from the ‘normals’ we have been busy with lots of other things, some of which deserve a blog post of their own so I will get onto that but in the meantime here’s a quick rundown of what we have been up to over the past few weeks…

Every other Friday has now been taken up with an art session which will work towards a bronze art award. They have so far attended two sessions, the first working with acrylics using a crackle effect which was rather impressive. They seemed very enthusiastic about the session and are keen to go back 🙂 The beans were there too and so the girls had fun playing together afterwards. Though need to get Mr LCR to blog these sessions as i am not there!!

Second session was batik the results of which were fantastic!

March and April 2011 170 March and April 2011 173

March and April 2011 174 March and April 2011 179

Wayne spent a Saturday morning playing golf with D, he hasn’t played for a long long time and really wish he would play more often as he doesn’t really do anything to have time to himself – i go out every 4-6 weeks with friends for a drink and a catch up which is lovely and i think its good for W to have some time too. So whilst he was out the girls and i pottered around, did some baking, walked Skipper bumping into some friends and discovered that some houses in the village had been broken into early hours of the morning, thankfully the police caught them in the act farther down the road. Whilst chatting we noticed a bike in the river and so the girls informed the police who were taking fingerprints from a nearby house. The girls were quite excited to have discovered some ‘evidence’ at a crime scene!!

Skye made her race car for the Scouts Pinewood Derby, and had a fun afternoon racing against fellow Scouts. Skye’s car made the finals but didn’t come anywhere although she did win third place for best car design 🙂

April 2011 003 April 2011 002

We grabbed some bargains at the local car boot sale, i’m not a huge fan of car boots however we picked up Blockus which we have really enjoyed playing 🙂 also spotted a children’s book written by Diana Wynne Jones. Poppy bought herself a ‘Pandora’ style bracelet, Skye bought a ‘noisy cow’ to take to scout camp (her friend C is taking her ‘noisy pig’)!, Wayne picked up a CD he has been after so we were all happy 🙂

Taking advantage of the lighter nights the girls and I planted the potatoes for schools which had been chitting on the windowsill for a few weeks (and apparently should have been planted on 15th March!), also planted tomatoes, carrots, spinach, lettuces and an assortment of flowers. We have had a very productive weekend tidying up the garden, throwing gravel in the useless bits of it that do nothing more than attract weeds. We have also moved the trampoline and now the garden looks huge! 🙂 I’m really surprised how enthusiastic Skye is about gardening and planting – she loves it!

We had a trip to Woodgreen animal shelter which Poppy has blogged here 🙂

The girls have enjoyed their creative writing sessions and have also been inspired by Merry’s poetry reading and picked up three poetry books from the library then spent a good hour sitting on the trampoline in the gorgeous sunshine reading them aloud 🙂 Skye has signed up to Goodreads (thank you for the link Merry :)) which seems to have encouraged her to pick up a book more often than she has been of late – spurred on by the fact that Fran is one of her ‘friends’ and an avid reader!! I recently read the Twilight series of books which I loved and Skye has been asking if she could read the first one so she also got that book from the library and seems to be enjoying it. Poppy was keen to get more Michael Morpurgo books and is currently reading The Butterfly Lion with Adolphus Tips waiting in line.

The girls have also tried out a local trampoline class and loved it so that’s Wednesday evenings sorted!

Poppy has really enjoyed spending time with French R, currently with the Manor Borns, so much so she has enquired whether or not it would be possible to just have a French sister come and live with us for 6 months without the need to do the exchange bit, so we enquired and apparently you can. We have the pre-application form almost complete and Poppy has drawn a picture of her family as requested 🙂

Skye had a Ready Steady Cook fundraising night at Scouts and had great fun cooking up a delicious dessert 🙂 Read all about it here 🙂

Talking of food, we are currently practising Veganism at home – we set ourselves a challenge to go vegan for the first two weeks of April. Not so strict when out and about but it’s really making us think more about what to cook and checking ingredients, you wouldn’t believe how many things have milk and eggs in!! We all seem to be doing ok but i am missing chocolate – tried plain but it really doesn’t do it for me 😦


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kirsty
    Apr 14, 2011 @ 20:58:25

    all sounds very busy and fab! Have you seen the Vegan Family Kitchen website? The woman who writes it also home educates and lives in Northern Scotland. I love her site 🙂 http://www.veganfamily.co.uk/kitchen.html


  2. Ali
    Apr 15, 2011 @ 10:44:48

    Lovely catch-up!
    Milk chocolate is my main non-vegan thing, have tried a few of the pretend milk chocolate bars and they’re not the same as Galaxy! So I just have milk chocolate now and then (and then… and then… and) and put up with Nic calling me a crap vegan!
    Batik looks gorgeous, might have to have a go


  3. lecielrouge
    Apr 15, 2011 @ 12:19:14

    Thanks Kirsty, will have a good look through that one 🙂
    Ali – I think i am with you and going to resign myself to being a crap vegan so we can be crap vegans together 😉 Going to treat myself to real milk chocolate this weekend. Yum 🙂


  4. Ali
    Apr 15, 2011 @ 21:21:20

    Ooh company in CrapVegans Corner. Fab! I’ll bring the chocolate and you design us a badge!


  5. HelenHaricot
    Apr 16, 2011 @ 21:22:38

    that arts award session looked fab! shame that was one we missed 😦 can the girls remember how to do it?


  6. lecielrouge
    Apr 16, 2011 @ 21:34:48

    It was one of the arts sessions in particular that i wanted them to go to and the end results are lovely – thinking of framing them 🙂 As part of the award they have to write down what the did so we do have notes, albeit from their memory so it will be a bit of an experiment but willing to give it a go sometime 🙂


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