The Little Bang!

We were joined by the beans, the puddles, the fishes and the manor borns and had a lovely day filled with music theory, french, art – sketching/watercolour pepper plants, poetry, owl pellet dissection, and making gun powder! All this and still plenty of time for playing in the garden on the trampoline and tree swing in the gorgeous sunshine 🙂

Merry read Audens Night Mail which they all enjoyed and even set them ‘homework’. Helen found herself a shady spot in the garden to overseeing the mixing of gun powder, wrapping it up in twists of newspaper and later we all stood and watched in anticipation as each packet was set alight! Unfortunately the bang wasn’t quite as dramatic as anticipated but it did make an impressive light show and fizz, the sulphur melting the disposable bbq tray!

The spelling sheets went down well and they all seemed to enjoy sketching the pepper plants using watercolour pencils. Owl pellet dissection was fab too with everyone finding lots of body bits using the id sheets to see how greedy their owls were!

First to leave were the fishes, followed by the puddles, then the manor borns, leaving the beans who didn’t need to rush off anywhere so whilst the girls played happily HH and I drank tea, chatted and drank tea 🙂


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. HHaricot
    May 09, 2011 @ 23:42:46

    it was a lovely day 🙂 thankyou for hosting


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