May Day Festival

Skye finished New Moon this morning and has started on James Patterson’s The Gift 🙂 whilst Poppy watched Saturdays episode of Dr Who for the 7th time!!!!!!!!!

C joined us for Creative Writing – we looked at acrostic poems. They did one together

At the fairground
Near the ferris wheel
Delightful taste
Yummy, scrumptious
Fluffly pink cloud
Lovely treat
Overdose of sugar
Sticky fingers
Sugary sweetness

and then did some of their own, no prizes if you can guess which one belongs to which child!!

The Cullens
Werewolf pack
In Forks
Love Story
Italy, home of the Volturi
Gambling life among vampires
Hiding from the trackers
The lion fell in love with the lamb

Dr Who
Out of this world
Rory and Amy travel with the Dr

Weird creatures
How does the Tardis fly
Oh no, another Ood!

We also had a look at the next geography topic from their book – The Earth. Read all the blurb, answered the questions and completed the task at the end of the chapter 🙂

Time for a quick play in the garden before walking C back home, via the shop to pick up soup and rolls for lunch 🙂

After lunch we watched the village May Day Fesitval which is put on by the school every year in Maypole Square – they have a Town Crier, May Queen, Morris Dancers and of course Maypole Dancing 🙂

May Day Festival 2011 003 May Day Festival 2011 006

Wayne came home early as he had been in Cambridge all day so he and the girls watched Iron Man 2 together, had curry for tea and then Poppy and I went for a nice evening walk, dropping Skye off at Scouts on our way. Back home Wayne, Pops and I played Ticket to Ride – Poppy won 🙂

Skye had a great evening at Scouts – they had a marine biologist in who has been who had lots of interesting slides to show them and clothes to try on that they wear whilst working in Antarctica. She really enjoyed it but decided that she would still rather work with land animals rather than those in the sea and its too cold to work in Antarctica! 🙂


Historyetc – Nazca

5100713374_15a1d378ef_b Oops it would appear I am a little behind again! A couple of weeks ago we had another Historyetc day this time looking at Nazca. Lacking inspiration and crafts we broadened our searches and came up with some fab activities 🙂

I took along mesoamerican weaving, which worked really well. There was also making papier mache Olmec Heads, peg dolls, Olmec fish, cooking with cornmeal – cornbread and mini corn tortillas along with roasted sweet potato :), Nazca lines in sand (draw out design in glue and sprinke with sand), peg dolls embroidered with either birds, 2 headed snakes or anthropomorphic characters and finally Nazca lines in the garden using string.

April May 2011 024

April May 2011 057

April May 2011 064

April May 2011 070

April May 2011 073

April May 2011 076

April May 2011 066

April May 2011 069

In between all of which left plenty of time for playing and bouncing on the trampoline.

April May 2011 049

April May 2011 043

I do love historyetc days 🙂

Lets go fly a kite

Friday the girls had their Art Award session then went off into Cambridge – apparently Mr LCR is going to blog!

Saturday morning we pottered around the house, girls did some reading, I faffed about in the greenhouse. After lunch we went on a lovely walk, probably about 4 miles through fields which was fab 🙂 Better still the girls did it without whingeing and moaning! 🙂 Got home v tired though! Had bbq tea, watched Dr Who and Dr Who Confidential, then the girls went off to bed – was a bit worried they might not be able to get to sleep as Dr Who was quite scary! Wayne and I must have dozed off on the sofa for a bit *blush* – woke up checked on the piccies I started to download onto flickr (which are taking absolutely forever!) then off to bed.

Sunday had a bit of a lie in and read a bit more Harry Potter (currently on book 4) 🙂 Got up, made some biscuits, then got dressed and rallied round to get everyone else ready so we could attend a kite festival as we had planned to meet some friends there. It was incredibly windy – a bit too windy for kite flying apparently but it got underway a little later than scheduled. There were some fab kite displays, some synchronised to music, some doing tricks and some that were just flying 😉

Had a lovely afternoon, girls took along their kites and had a quick go at getting them in the air but it was rather challenging – who ordered wind??! I think Wayne spent more time kite flying – he seemed to be having a great time, along with our friends D his son H – the girls preferring to fuss the dogs and watch from the side lines 🙂 Bumped into Bfish and the little fishes, kfish was apparently busy at home sewing 🙂 The children had a great time together, walking the dogs and kite flying 🙂

Got home and Poppy watched Dr Who for the 4th time apparently!! She must have watched it twice this morning! Skye took herself off to her room with her book, New Moon (the second in the Twilight series) and is loving it 🙂 Wayne took Skipper out for a long walk and I prepared tea 🙂

Spent the evening watching a movie, Prince of Persia 🙂


A very quiet Wednesday, just us and the Beans, we were hopeful that the fishes would turn up but unfortunately they didn’t 😦 but it didn’t stop us being amazingly busy!

Started off with craft making tealight holders – painting some jars with glass paints and making beaded handles. Simple but fab craft 🙂

May 2011 notlatinetc artaward and cambridge 007 May 2011 notlatinetc artaward and cambridge 012

This kept them busy long enough for HH and I to have a good natter over a cup of tea 🙂

Whilst crafting we also did some quiz jar questions. Whilst waiting for some to finish others did some workbook stuff – Skye and Pops did English and Spelling whilst SB did music theory and bb explode the code 🙂 So far so good!

SB had made some yummy biscuits to share 🙂

They had a bit of a play outside, bouncing on the trampoline, tree climbing and swinging 🙂

Then we had lunch 😉 After which we continued with real science 4 kids about starches – dropping dilute iodine onto foodstuffs to test for starch. HH also showed them how to make invisible pictures with lemon juice.

May 2011 notlatinetc artaward and cambridge 020 May 2011 notlatinetc artaward and cambridge 025

May 2011 notlatinetc artaward and cambridge 026 May 2011 notlatinetc artaward and cambridge 032

May 2011 notlatinetc artaward and cambridge 044 May 2011 notlatinetc artaward and cambridge 045

The girls sat with HH and discussed the experiment, writing their objectives, hypothesis, results and conclusions into their books.

Onto the final activity, HH had bought along some childrens french reading books and we encouraged them all to take turns reading aloud. This has made me realise that although the girls know quite a bit of french, reading it is more of a struggle – most of the words they know but seeing them on paper completely throws them! Will definitely look at getting some books for home so we can practice. 🙂

May 2011 notlatinetc artaward and cambridge 040

A fab day, albeit quieter than usual!

Photos by Skye

Skye loves taking the camera out on walks, almost as much as me! 😉 Thought I would share some fabulous photos she took earlier in the month. All we need now is a wildlife photography comp to enter them into!

April May 2011 008

April May 2011 007

April May 2011 003

April May 2011 002

April May 2011 001

April May 2011 010

April May 2011 019

April May 2011 020

Artetc – Satellite Maps

Monday morning busied themselves reading and researching a country, Skye chose Italy and Poppy chose France in preparation for Artetc.

We took Skipper out for a quick walk and then arrived at Merrys in time for lunch 🙂

Decided to round up the maps bit of artetc today as neither of us are feeling particularly inspired with it though today’s one went well.

They all chose a country, we printed off a traceable map showing population density, traced over it then transferred tracing paper onto black card, we only had dark red but still worked ok 🙂 This produced an indent in the card, then carefully, following the population trends from their maps, dotted the map in white acrylic paint to represent lights, so the denser the population, the more white dots.

April May 2011 094

April May 2011 096 April May 2011 095

They all found and drew the flags to represent their chosen country and Skye and Poppy also added their lists of Places of Interest for their countries.

Think there was some Dr Who game going on which Skye and Fran opted out of and played Monopoly instead 🙂

I did the dance run, taking all 6 girls with me on the proviso that they all bought books to read – which they did 🙂

April May 2011 099

Once home, we all had dinner and then took Skipper out for a long walk. Really loving the warm evenings and I know the garden could do with rain but I don’t miss it! 🙂

A Typical Home Ed Day in Photos

Merry is hosting a Typical HE Day in Photos on her blog and as we blog and take photos (lots!!) decided to contribute 🙂

To be honest no day is the same as we kind of take opportunities as and when they come along but I guess you could call today’s series of events fairly typical for us.

Following breakfast the girls started planning a quiz show to share with their friends

April May 2011 106 April May 2011 107

Second breakfast sitting accompanied by a game of boggle 🙂

April May 2011 109

Whilst waiting for C to come round, the girls planted some aubergine and beetroot seeds – a bit late but nevermind!

April May 2011 114 April May 2011 115

Once C had arrived, we had a go at some creative writing, given that the class they would normally go to on a Tuesday had stopped 😦 I gave them a choice of paragraphs from various books to use as a start point then asked them to continue the story. They all worked really hard and I was particularly impressed with Skye’s contribution – I really wish she would write more, she does it so beautifully. Poppy has great imagination but struggles to put it into written form so I was proud of her efforts today even if it was a bit crazy – she made us all giggle 🙂

April May 2011 118 April May 2011 121

April May 2011 122 April May 2011 124

Then onto a board game think they are making up the rules as they go!

April May 2011 126

Skye helped chop veg to marinade for bbq this evening 🙂

April May 2011 129

Popped jacket potatoes in the oven for lunch and left them cooking whilst we walked Catherine back home with Skipper via the park 🙂

April May 2011 131 April May 2011 132

Skye and Poppy took turns to take photos on the way back whilst practising french 🙂

April May 2011 138 April May 2011 139

April May 2011 141 April May 2011 142

April May 2011 143 April May 2011 144

Camera batteries died whilst out on our walk so had to resort to phone camera until I had chance to recharge!! 😦

Spotted a Mummy duck with her ducklings with only one yellow one – very cute!

April May 2011 105 April May 2011 107

Home for lunch and some quiz jar questions

April May 2011 109

The girls continued with their board game for a while before going off to read for a bit.

April May 2011 111 2011-05-17 13.56.07

Poppy picked up a book of science experiments and started browsing through it bookmarking things she wants to try, obviously something in the book made her ask if she could make some play dough, so I dug out my old recipe and off she went! So whilst Poppy was happily squishing play dough Skye checked her moshlings on moshi monsters! *roll*

April May 2011 115 April May 2011 113

April May 2011 120 April May 2011 119

Then onto some Mathletics

April May 2011 121

Skewering the kebabs for tea

April May 2011 124

and a run about in the garden with Skipper and some bouncing on the trampoline 🙂

After our yummy bbq tea Wayne and Skipper walked Skye to scouts before he goes off to a works quiz night. Poppy had a bath and I tidied up, then watched No Ordinary Family, picked up Skye from Scouts who had a great time playing games at the sheep field/scouts allotment and discovered a new footpath that we are going to use tomorrow 🙂

Have enjoyed today 🙂 Has made me giggle that the girls have been totally cooperative and not moaned at all about getting on with something productive so that perhaps makes today not quite so typical! 😉

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