Artetc – Treasure Maps

5100713374_15a1d378ef_b Skye has been completely addicted to the book Twilight for the past week, reading at every opportunity, and finished it this morning! Poppy is also enjoying reading Michael Morpurgo, The Butterfly Lion and Dear Olly 🙂 Skye also did some GP SYRWTL English.

Later we were joined by Merry & co and the LovelyEm, E and O for todays artect, which although Merry and I had great plans for our next theme, Maps, todays lesson plan was hurriedly put together late last night! As it happens, they were all playing so well together we only got through one of the two planned sessions for today.

Em’s visit was primarily to have a second viewing of my parents folding camper, which incidentally she towed home at the end of the day! 🙂

So, back to the art, we began by folding and creasing a sheet of white a4 paper, then painted over it with strong cold tea to antique it and left it to dry. Meanwhile they planned their ‘treasure map’ coming up with creative names for landmarks on their map. Once the antiquated paper was dry, they transferred their design onto it, adding a compass, some adding colour, others just shading and as an extra effect we tore and burnt the edges of the map.

They looked great and they all seemed to enjoy coming up with mysterious and spooky names 🙂

Merry went off with her girls and Skye to do the dancing run and Em and I went to empty the camper so it could go to its new home 🙂

Had a quick tidy up and had tea, Wayne walked Skipper and the girls watched a v old Dr Who , a tribute to the late Elisabeth Sladen, which was pointed out by a ff friend 🙂 I think the girls felt sorry for us growing up with the lack of special effects and odd ‘suspense’ music!!

Had a really lovely day today 🙂

Would very much like an early night, I feel so tired but really need to catch up on blogging!


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