Historyetc – Nazca

5100713374_15a1d378ef_b Oops it would appear I am a little behind again! A couple of weeks ago we had another Historyetc day this time looking at Nazca. Lacking inspiration and crafts we broadened our searches and came up with some fab activities 🙂

I took along mesoamerican weaving, which worked really well. There was also making papier mache Olmec Heads, peg dolls, Olmec fish, cooking with cornmeal – cornbread and mini corn tortillas along with roasted sweet potato :), Nazca lines in sand (draw out design in glue and sprinke with sand), peg dolls embroidered with either birds, 2 headed snakes or anthropomorphic characters and finally Nazca lines in the garden using string.

April May 2011 024

April May 2011 057

April May 2011 064

April May 2011 070

April May 2011 073

April May 2011 076

April May 2011 066

April May 2011 069

In between all of which left plenty of time for playing and bouncing on the trampoline.

April May 2011 049

April May 2011 043

I do love historyetc days 🙂


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