May Day Festival

Skye finished New Moon this morning and has started on James Patterson’s The Gift πŸ™‚ whilst Poppy watched Saturdays episode of Dr Who for the 7th time!!!!!!!!!

C joined us for Creative Writing – we looked at acrostic poems. They did one together

At the fairground
Near the ferris wheel
Delightful taste
Yummy, scrumptious
Fluffly pink cloud
Lovely treat
Overdose of sugar
Sticky fingers
Sugary sweetness

and then did some of their own, no prizes if you can guess which one belongs to which child!!

The Cullens
Werewolf pack
In Forks
Love Story
Italy, home of the Volturi
Gambling life among vampires
Hiding from the trackers
The lion fell in love with the lamb

Dr Who
Out of this world
Rory and Amy travel with the Dr

Weird creatures
How does the Tardis fly
Oh no, another Ood!

We also had a look at the next geography topic from their book – The Earth. Read all the blurb, answered the questions and completed the task at the end of the chapter πŸ™‚

Time for a quick play in the garden before walking C back home, via the shop to pick up soup and rolls for lunch πŸ™‚

After lunch we watched the village May Day Fesitval which is put on by the school every year in Maypole Square – they have a Town Crier, May Queen, Morris Dancers and of course Maypole Dancing πŸ™‚

May Day Festival 2011 003 May Day Festival 2011 006

Wayne came home early as he had been in Cambridge all day so he and the girls watched Iron Man 2 together, had curry for tea and then Poppy and I went for a nice evening walk, dropping Skye off at Scouts on our way. Back home Wayne, Pops and I played Ticket to Ride – Poppy won πŸ™‚

Skye had a great evening at Scouts – they had a marine biologist in who has been who had lots of interesting slides to show them and clothes to try on that they wear whilst working in Antarctica. She really enjoyed it but decided that she would still rather work with land animals rather than those in the sea and its too cold to work in Antarctica! πŸ™‚


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