Duckling rescue

Whilst out walking Skipper, Skye and Wayne discovered a tiny duckling which appeared to have been abandoned by its mummy 😦 After many phone calls from him to me at home, frantically searching the internet, do we leave it, do we bring it home, how long should we wait?? It was getting late so no change of actually speaking to anyone…decision made, they bought him home. Thanks to Nic for advice via ff 🙂

How cute??

farm visit and others 042

farm visit and others 043

Luckily we have a cat basket so managed to get him warm and comfy in there for the night, hoping that he would make it through until morning.

Thankfully he did 🙂 He was very alert and chirpy and especially enjoyed the freshly dug worms the girls fed to him! He had a swim in the bath and was completely and utterly pampered! 🙂

The local animal shelter were not able to offer any help but the RSPCA were happy to collect him. The girls were sorry to see him go though 😦


Farm Visit

A couple of weeks ago B invited us along with some others to spend the day at her family’s farm who have recently started to do school visits.  We were the first to arrive so went with B and R to look at the pigs. B jumped into their pen to show us their party trick, not realising that they hadn’t been fed and all 3 of them started trying to eat her! Skye jumped in as a distraction and then realised that wasn’t such a good idea so promptly got herself out.  Thankfully B managed to make a swift getaway too, remarkably unscathed!

Once everyone else (the fishes, the manor borns and another family i recognised from creative writing) had arrived, Farmer Ben walked us around the farm explaing about the crops they grow there and answering questions.  Then onto feeding pigs and cows, they are not cattle farmers but keep some cattle for ‘fun’ (and food) :/

Farmer Ben left us for a while and the children had a go at pond dipping, not really finding too much, sketching of some of the pondlife they found, mostly water fleas!  Back to Farmer Ben for tractor rides, the children paired up, jumped aboard and got to steer the tractor around the field.  Great fun! 🙂

We sat together for a picnic lunch. M spoiled us by bringing along scones, clotted cream and jam, which went down well with out fresh strawberries 🙂

It was then onto bread, butter and cheese making with B who did a fantastic job.  M and I helped out a bit, mainly by washing up and keeping an eye on the bread baking in the aga.  We were of course rewarded with cups of tea 🙂

Was lovely catching up with M and K, its been a while since we saw them as they have been busy Kentwelling!

There was time for a quick play in B’s mums beautiful garden whilst we helped B clear up.

We had a brilliant day and the girls are very keen to go back and do it all again.  Thank you 🙂

Sort of catching up..

How did that happen? How did so many weeks pass and i didn’t blog, not once!!

June, what did we do in June….and July!!

We had Historyetc, Artetc and some days out and a holiday!

Somewhere around the end of May/beginning of June we attended an en famille meeting.  Poppy has been very keen to have a French/Spanish ‘sister’ but does not want to do a full exchange so we have applied to host only and spent a whole day listening to how it works, hearing from families who have been through an exchange or are currently going through one.   The following day we went back for an interview and then all we had to do was wait for a decision.   Unfortunately we found out earlier this week that Poppy does not have a match 😦 She took it fairly well as we had prepared her, she was aware that the odds were stacked against us for a number of reasons, mainly due to wishing to host only but also that we home educate.  We have been put on a reserve list and will also be reviewed for a match next Feb/Mar.

The girls have also this month decided that they no longer want to share a bedroom, rather more that Skye has decided she wants her own room.  I did think this would cause a big problem for Poppy as she really does love sharing with Skye but she surprised us and was ok with the decision and actually quite excited.

Historyetc – Romans.  Some fab crafts and activities for this one, making a bulla, roman coins, peg dolls, clay pestle and mortars used for grinding fruit, mosaics, making elderflower and rose water.  There was also lots of cooking, globuli, Roman Libum (a bit like cheesecake).  Also sweet and salty dates, dates covered in honey and salt and cooked in a pan.

Artetc – Merry did some GCSE Biology with the bigger 3, Skye, Fran and C whilst the others spent time trampolining, playing in the garden.  Followed up with some bug art using watercolour and oilpastels which was quite fun 🙂 Photos to follow, yes i am behind on that too!

We then had a go at writing couplet poems which was rather successful 🙂

To finish the day Merry gathered them together for some poetry and looked at The Highwayman, click here to see Merry’s full account 🙂