Duckling rescue

Whilst out walking Skipper, Skye and Wayne discovered a tiny duckling which appeared to have been abandoned by its mummy 😦 After many phone calls from him to me at home, frantically searching the internet, do we leave it, do we bring it home, how long should we wait?? It was getting late so no change of actually speaking to anyone…decision made, they bought him home. Thanks to Nic for advice via ff 🙂

How cute??

farm visit and others 042

farm visit and others 043

Luckily we have a cat basket so managed to get him warm and comfy in there for the night, hoping that he would make it through until morning.

Thankfully he did 🙂 He was very alert and chirpy and especially enjoyed the freshly dug worms the girls fed to him! He had a swim in the bath and was completely and utterly pampered! 🙂

The local animal shelter were not able to offer any help but the RSPCA were happy to collect him. The girls were sorry to see him go though 😦


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